Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Top 10 banned apps on iOS and Android BYOD devices


TechRepublic Member | June 11, 2013

Top 10 banned apps on iOS and Android BYOD devices

One of the pitfalls of BYOD is not being able to freely install apps on your iOS smartphone or tablet. But what apps do companies regularly blacklist? Can you imagine your smartphone or tablet without Angry Birds installed on it? Read more

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Impact of Hot and Cold Aisle Containment on Data Center Temperature and Efficiency

This paper examines how both hot and cold air containment can improve the efficiency of traditional data center cooling systems and highlights the reasons why hot-aisle containment emerges as the preferred best practice for new data centers. Read more now.

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What businesses should know about the new Google Maps

Many of your potential customers are probably using Google Maps to find you; are you actively making that process easier or harder? Read more

Complexity, skills, experience lie at heart of mobile testing shortfall

Mobile testing is challenging enough to warrant outside help and thorough enterprise assessments. Read more

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The curse of Apple's slippery design

The folks in Cupertino revolutionized the design of mobile devices. Unfortunately, that comes with a high price in usability. Read more

New iOS 7 gimmicks may be more reliable than Samsung's Galaxy gimmicks

Samsung is known for adding tons of extra features that look great in commercials, but seem to rarely get used after the initial trial. Will Apple's new iOS 7 gimmicks work better and appeal to more iPhone owners? Read more

Using mobile technology has turned me into a wimp

A recent foray in the city carrying a big, heavy laptop was much harder than it should have been. Read more

iOS 7: Apple's war against jailbreaking now makes perfect sense

iOS 7 has a new feature called Activation Lock that essentially renders a lost or stolen iPhone worthless unless the owner inputs their Apple ID. Just jailbreaking would render this feature dead in the water. The days of iOS jailbreaking are almost over. Read more

It's revenue, not market share, that's attracting devs to iOS

Android might be winning the mobile market share war, but when it comes to app revenue, iOS is king. Read more

Apple's iOS 7: Plenty to spur an upgrade cycle

Apple may not have new mobile hardware in the works for a few months, but rest assured that iOS 7 has enough to drive upgrades for its installed base with the oldest phones. Read more

WWDC '13: Apple reveals iOS 7

Apple announces iOS 7 at its annual developer conference the latest version of the iPhone and iPad software. And you're in for a treat — and a surprise. Read more

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Show all user accounts each time you boot Windows 8

Find out how to make Windows 8 show all user accounts on the Sign on screen all the time - it is not as easy as it should be. View on site

Best of Computex and Intel's Haswell CPU launch (pictures)

Earlier this week at Computex, Intel launched its Haswell CPU. Here are the best announced products so far that use the new processor. View on site

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MailDroid: A more versatile, user-friendly Android email client

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