Friday, 21 June 2013

Control your desktop PC with Windows Phone 8


TechRepublic Member | June 21, 2013

Control your desktop PC with Windows Phone 8

Find out how you can use the PC Remote app and server to control your desktop PC from your Windows Phone 8. Read more

Resource of the day

Containerized Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers

Facility modules, also referred to as containerized power and cooling plants, are faster to deploy and provide significant savings over traditional solutions. This white paper compares both scenarios, and identifies which environments can best leverage the facility module approach.

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Top Android apps for summer

Summertime is a good time to play with your Android device. These 10 apps are a good way to make your phone or tablet better. Read more

iOS 7: why I'm finally dumping my iPhone for an Android

My iPhone lies there like a dead fish, telling me nothing. If you believe the weather and clock icons on my iPhone, the temperature and time of day haven't changed for 18 months. Read more

BlackBerry Q10: Hardware QWERTY and long battery life have a place in mobile

The BlackBerry Q10 is the BlackBerry 10 device that the die-hard QWERTY fans have been waiting for and it doesn't disappoint. It's refreshing to use a hardware keyboard and enjoy long battery life on a phone again. Read more

Great smartphone photography is about more than just the camera

Microsoft recently partnered with the folks at We Are Juxt to challenge them to capture photos with the Nokia Lumia 920. The results are pretty amazing and inspiring with tips and tricks you can use to improve your photo experiences. Read more

AT&T LTE is fastest in the US, Verizon most reliable: PCMag 2013 test results

All four major US carriers now have LTE rolling out and PCMag visited 30 countries testing data speeds and reliability. Results are presented for regions and each city so check to see what the best option is for your area. Read more

Water-resistant Sony Xperia Z announced as a T-Mobile exclusive

Sony is bringing their high-end, 5-inch display, water-resistant Android smartphone to the US soon. T-Mobile will launch the device in the coming weeks on their Simple Choice plans. Read more

Larger screens driving smartphone display growth: NPD

Over the course of the year, analysts believe that almost 1.2 billion smartphone displays will be shipped, spanning a range of screen resolutions. Read more

Mobile gadgets driving massive growth in touch sensors

Total touch-sensor area is expected to double this year to 25.5 million square meters in 2013, and increase to 35.9 million square meters in 2015. Read more

The first ten Android apps a professional should download

Business professionals are warming up to Android. For those picking up their first Android device, here are 10 highly useful apps to get you started. Read more

Samsung to retire the Galaxy S3 early, cut S4 production

Reports suggest that Samsung may be retiring smartphone models with low sales figures early -- the Galaxy S3 included. Read more

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The fresh new look of Apple iOS 7 (pictures)

Apple pumped fresh new features into its iOS 7 mobile operating system at WWDC. It's the slickest, smoothest, most capable iPhone and iPad software yet. View on site

Automate tedious tasks with these five apps

Automating tedious tasks with the right tool can save you time and energy. View on site

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Cooling Entire Data Centers Using Only Row Cooling (APC by Schneider Electric)

Live Webcast - Next Generation Backup and Archive in a Cloud-Centric World (Quantum)

Password Reset Service - Avaya CallPilot (Global Knowledge)

Delivering Worry-Free Storage (IBM)

The Need for Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation: What Your CIO Needs to Know (BeyondTrust)

Smartphones perennial favorites


Connect your iPhone to Microsoft Office 365

MailDroid: A more versatile, user-friendly Android email client

Back up Windows Phone 8 to the cloud

Cleaning supplies for your smartphones, tablets, and accessories

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