Thursday, 20 June 2013

Leading tablet feature-to-feature comparison chart

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | June 20, 2013

Leading tablet feature-to-feature comparison chart

Jack Wallen breaks down the feature offerings of four of the leading tablets in the United States. Read more

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Data Center Temperature Rise During a Cooling System Outage

Download this paper to learn the primary factors that affect transient temperature rise as well as practical strategies to manage cooling during power outages.

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Mobilize field service management with ServiceMax

ServiceMax Mobile is an end-to-end mobile and cloud solution for managing field service work orders with built-in social collaboration. Read more

Seven apps that will help make IT pros more productive

There are ways IT pros can improve our own productivity by using applications, which will benefit you and the company you work for. Here are seven to look at. Read more

Consider cross-platform mobile app development tools carefully

When considering platforms that allow development for both iOS and Android apps, keep these potential pros and cons in mind. Read more

New Android malware should be wake-up call for security admins

Security firm Kaspersky reported on a new malware threat that it calls the most sophisticated it has seen in targeting Android phones. Read more

How to manage your blogs on iOS with BlogPress

Find out how to set up and manage blogs on your iPhone with BlogPress. Read more

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Windows 8 hybrids: How to build the perfect laptop and tablet combo

The versatility of Windows 8 has led to an amazing assortment of hybrid computers. These laptops that are also tablets best take advantage of Windows 8. The perfect one hasn't been built yet, but here's how to do it. Read more

5 tips to travel smart with mobile gear

Frequent business travelers know that smart planning can make the difference between a good trip and travel nightmares. Following these tips will help make that vacation or business trip provide smooth sailing. Read more

Mobile gadgets driving massive growth in touch sensors

Total touch-sensor area is expected to double this year to 25.5 million square meters in 2013, and increase to 35.9 million square meters in 2015. Read more

The future of tablets? It's all about the 8-inch model: analyst

Smaller variations are going to account for over half of overall tablets this year, analysts say. Read more

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Screenshots Windows 8: Local account or Microsoft account

Should we use a Local account to sign into Windows 8 or should we use a Microsoft account? Neither choice is wrong; Greg Shultz explains. View on site

Secure Thunderbird with the help of five apps

If you're looking for some added security for Thunderbird, you might want to look into the various available extensions. View on site

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