Tuesday, 4 June 2013

[TechRepublic] Anatomy of a phishing operation / DARPA's Plan X

IT Security

TechRepublic Member | June 04, 2013

The anatomy of a phishing operation

There are far better things than being phished, like writing about how not to get phished. Michael P. Kassner reviews a research paper that provides amazing insight into a successful phishing... Read more

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Data Center Temperature Rise During a Cooling System Outage

Download this paper to learn the primary factors that affect transient temperature rise as well as practical strategies to manage cooling during power outages.

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DARPA's Plan X and the future of the U.S. cyber defense infrastructure

Plan X sounds like a summer sci-fi movie, but it's actually one of DARPA's latest projects, aimed at improving the nation's defense of critical infrastructure targets. Read more

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Oracle outlines steps to improve Java home, enterprise security

Following high-profile hacks and breaches at major technology companies, including Apple and Facebook, the Java maker is knuckling down on the Web plug-in's security. Read more

Google fails to strike down FBI's 'unconstitutional' secret gagging orders

The Patriot Act helped strengthen and expand the use of unwarranted, wide-ranging, secret "gagging orders," but the search giant failed to have these letters modified or nullified. Read more

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Five apps to convert video to support mobile devices

There are a number of utilities available that can convert video from its native format into a format that is supported by mobile devices. View on site

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Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics (Riverbed)

Evolving APM Big Data Approach (Riverbed)

IBM Storwize V3700: Ideal for VMware Environments (IBM)

Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers (APC by Schneider Electric)

Resolve Performance Issues Within Your Citrix Environment (Riverbed)

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Special feature: Next Generation Networks

The rising tides of big data, video, and cloud computing are driving tremendous demand for faster and more efficient networks. TechRepublic and ZDNet delve into how things like software-defined networks (SDN) and new wireless technologies are enabling business transformation.

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