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Teach users how to be productive with tablets

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | June 06, 2013

Teach end users how to be productive with tablets

Give users tablets, and they'll play Candy Crush. Collaboratively teach them how to be productive with a tablet, and they might actually do some work. Read more

Resource of the day

Resolve Performance Issues Within Your Citrix Environment

Read this report to learn about the new technology that flips the Citrix performance management paradigm on its head by providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility of user transactions.

Posts from TechRepublic


Go mobile with SAP Business One

The SAP Business One mobile app offers mobile workers immediate access to backend corporate data residing in the SAP Business One SaaS solution. Read more

Add a full blown web server to your Android tablet

Jack Wallen takes a look at Bit Web Server, a full-blown web development environment for your Android tablet. Read more

Use Sage CRM Sales Lite for mobile CRM access

Don't let the Lite in Sage CRM Sales Lite fool you, because it covers all the bases you want in a mobile CRM app. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Acer's Iconia W3: Most important Windows 8 tablet yet

The anticipated 8-inch Windows 8 tablet has been announced and it's a slate that finally brings Windows into the true tablet space. Read more

Toshiba launches Haswell-powered notebooks and Tegra 4-based tablets

Toshiba's June product refresh brings new slimline consumer and business notebooks, some featuring Intel's latest 4th-Generation Core processors, and a new range of 10-inch Android tablets. Read more

Good Technology: Enterprise mobility trends don't mirror consumer use

Despite the whole "consumerization of IT" trend, Good's quarterly report argues that "enterprise mobility trends do not mirror consumer preferences." Read more

Inside Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3, an Intel chip

It's a big win for the semiconductor company, which has lagged in the mobile race. Read more

Two keyboard cases for iPad mini from ZAGG change the game

The new ZAGGkeys Cover and ZAGGkeys Folio for the iPad mini both feature hinges that allow adjusting the viewing angle to suit the situation. Read more

Potential pitfalls of BYOD

On the face of it, the move to BYOD seems great. Employees get to fondle their shiny smartphones, tablets, and notebooks at work, while the employer gets to save money on hardware. But as with most things, there are pitfalls you have to watch out for. Read more

Best Android tablets (June 2013 edition)

Don't want to get locked into Apple's ecosystem by buying an iPad or iPad mini? No problem! Here are my top 7 Android tablets for June 2013. And if you're looking for budget Android tablets, there are two here you might be interested in. Read more

Citrix: Most SMBs still don't have formal way to manage BYOD

According to a new report from Citrix, small businesses are responding very differently to BYOD from country to country. Read more

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Five online office suites beyond Office 365

Alternative apps from the fringes which Jack Wallen thinks could very easily fill all of your online office suite needs. View on site

Google+ gets a cleaner interface and photo-editing tools (pictures)

The latest Google+ app for Android adds new photo-editing features and a cleaner layout that matches up with the recently redesigned Web version. View on site

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Live Webcast - ERP Enhances Every Aspect of Your Business: Find Out How (TechRepublic)

Delivering Worry-Free Storage (IBM)

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Special feature: Next Generation Networks

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