Friday, 28 June 2013

Groundbreaking open source projects, what's missing from Excel 2013, timesaving tips for help desks

10 Things

TechRepublic Member | June 28, 2013

10 open source projects that are leading innovation

Think most tech innovation is driven by proprietary development? Think again. Read more

Resource of the day

Monitoring Physical Threats in the Data Center

This paper describes an often ignored class of threats to the data center environment, suggests approaches to deploying monitoring devices, and provides best practices in leveraging the collected data to reduce downtime. Learn more now.

10+ things that are missing from Excel 2013

Excel 2013 has jettisoned some familiar features - like saved workspaces, fax templates, and various chart options. Here's a rundown of what's gone. Read more

10 timesaving strategies for the help desk

Vague descriptions, off-the-wall requests, and ad hoc 'quick questions' can slow help desk operations to a crawl. Try these tricks to remove obstacles and speed things up. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


Big data: Two truths and five myths

Along with the hype, the concept of big data comes with its own collection of misconceptions and half-truths that one CTO is keen to dispel. Read more

Manage projects on your iPad with LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner recently updated its iOS app to include support for checklists. Will Kelly reviews the mobile app. Read more

Cheat sheet: What you need to know about 802.11ac

The newest wireless networking protocol is 802.11ac, due to be ratified sometime in 2013. Michael Kassner does the research and tells you what you need to know. Read more

Five free disaster recovery tools

The law of averages dictates that disaster will strike you. When it does, you can only hope you have prepared for it. Read more

The paycheck for an IT project vs. the cost of stress

High-stress projects can take their toll on your health. An IT contractor recalls being reminded of this life lesson during a recent Windows 7 migration project. Read more

Featured multimedia


New apps and features in Windows 8.1 (pictures)

The latest update to Windows fixes some issues and adds new features. View on site

NOAA maps our lush, green Earth (pictures)

New imagery collected by the VIIRS sensor aboard the Suomi NPP satellite maps the subtle differences in Earth's greenness, from the lushest vegetation to vast, dry deserts. View on site

Today's recommended downloads

AccessNow HTML5 RDP Client - Browser access to Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop (Ericom Software)

Monitoring Physical Threats in the Data Center (APC by Schneider Electric)

Live Webcast! Better Application Performance Monitoring for Mobile Applications and Services (HP)

Backup and Recovery Changes Drive IT Infrastructure and Business Transformation (EMC)

HP and SAP HANA relationship (HP & Intel® Xeon® Processors)

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Special feature: Next Generation Networks

The rising tides of big data, video, and cloud computing are driving tremendous demand for faster and more efficient networks. TechRepublic and ZDNet delve into how things like software-defined networks (SDN) and new wireless technologies are enabling business transformation.

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