Thursday, 6 June 2013

[TechRepublic] Leak: Millions of Verizon customer records collected by NSA

IT Security

TechRepublic Member | June 06, 2013

Verizon records vacuumed up by NSA under 'top secret' Patriot Act order

The U.S. government has collected millions of Verizon customers' details, including phone call and location-based data, under a top secret order that was leaked to a London newspaper. Read more

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Resolve Performance Issues Within Your Citrix Environment

Read this report to learn about the new technology that flips the Citrix performance management paradigm on its head by providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility of user transactions.

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You know what's important about end-user training? The end user

End-user training is often a huge fail because IT pros don't consider the needs or the learning style of their audience members. Read more

Five web-based network troubleshooting tools

Web-based networking toolkits often offer numerous ways to test routes, domains, and other issues that will directly affect your network. Read more

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Microsoft, FBI crack cybercrime ring

The Redmond giant says it has successfully disrupted a harmful network of botnets. Read more

NATO agrees to boost cyber defenses, argues over how

The organization has butted heads on just how far it should go to protect the smallest allies. Read more

Oracle outlines steps to improve Java home, enterprise security

Following high-profile hacks and breaches at major technology companies, including Apple and Facebook, the Java maker is knuckling down on the Web plug-in's security. Read more

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Best of Computex and Intel's Haswell CPU launch (pictures)

Earlier this week at Computex, Intel launched its Haswell CPU. Here are the best announced products so far that use the new processor. View on site

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Solutions for a More Energy-Efficient Data Center: From Water to Fresh-Air Cooling (IBM)

ZDNet Asia IT Priorities 2013 Report (ZDNet)

IBM Storwize V3700: Ideal for Microsoft Environments (IBM)

Demystifying VLAN Trunk Protocol (Global Knowledge)

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