Tuesday, 18 June 2013

[TechRepublic] Ignoring security advice from the pros: The IT-user disconnect

IT Security

TechRepublic Member | June 18, 2013

Ignoring security advice from the pros: The IT-user disconnect

IT pros and the general population of users have seemingly different agendas when it comes to security. Michael P. Kassner interviews a noted researcher about the psychology of these two groups. Read more

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Impact of Hot and Cold Aisle Containment on Data Center Temperature and Efficiency

This paper examines how both hot and cold air containment can improve the efficiency of traditional data center cooling systems and highlights the reasons why hot-aisle containment emerges as the preferred best practice for new data centers. Read more now.

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Review: IObit Malware Fighter

If you are looking for an anti-malware product that is both sharp looking and decent on performance, IObit has something for you in Malware Fighter. Read more

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Ad exec: Online ad industry complicit in NSA PRISM datamining

A leading figure in digital advertising says the ad industry is complicit in the NSA mass-data spying program, PRISM. Read more

EU 'assessing U.S. relationship' amid PRISM spying claims

In a letter obtained by ZDNet, the EU justice chief hints at consequences to come for the U.S. government if European citizens were targeted by the NSA's PRISM program. Read more

Microsoft misses Google-found flaw in Patch Tuesday updates

Despite rolling out five security updates, Microsoft missed out a patch for a zero-day flaw in Windows. And it just so happened it was discovered by its main rival in the business space. Read more

Eight members of international cybercrime ring charged

After allegedly trying to steal $15 million from U.S. banking customers, U.S. feds haven't taken the conspiracy lightly. Read more

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Screenshots: Professional graphics with Art Text

Create professional looking, high quality graphic headings, logos, icons, and buttons in Windows 8. View on site

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EMC Customer Profile: First National Technology Solutions (EMC)

Performance Tools for C, C++, and Fortran Developers (Intel Software)

Security For Virtualization (Kaspersky Lab)

Content Analytics: Drive Superior Customer Service (IBM)

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