Tuesday, 18 June 2013

One business user's migration from BlackBerry to Android


TechRepublic Member | June 18, 2013

One business user's migration from BlackBerry to Android

There's always a learning curve when transitioning from one technology to another. Read about one user's experience switching from BlackBerry to Android, which yielded some unexpected results. Read more

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Cooling Entire Data Centers Using Only Row Cooling

Some IT equipment in data centers appears incompatible with row cooling because it is not situated in a neat row. This paper explains how a cooling system comprised only of row coolers, with no room cooling system, can cool an entire data center.

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There are ways IT pros can improve our own productivity by using applications, which will benefit you and the company you work for. Here are seven to look at. Read more

Mobilize field service management with ServiceMax

ServiceMax Mobile is an end-to-end mobile and cloud solution for managing field service work orders with built-in social collaboration. Read more

Consider cross-platform mobile app development tools carefully

When considering platforms that allow development for both iOS and Android apps, keep these potential pros and cons in mind. Read more

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5 tips to travel smart with mobile gear

Frequent business travelers know that smart planning can make the difference between a good trip and travel nightmares. Following these tips will help make that vacation or business trip provide smooth sailing. Read more

Indian students prefer Samsung over Nokia, Apple

Samsung has emerged as the most preferred brand among Indian high school students, who also prefer social networking tools, over SMS and voice calls, as the primary method to communicate with friends. Read more

Ex-HTC execs launch smartphone startup Kazam

Europe may get yet another smartphone alternative if Kazam realises its plan. Read more

Office Mobile for iPhone and Windows Phone have the exact same functionality (gallery)

Microsoft just released Office Mobile for the iPhone and after comparing it with what we see on Windows Phone, the capabilities are the same. There is no advantage going to Windows Phone in this case. Read more

Intel puts the crosshairs on ARM

Intel's sudden - and dramatic - arrival into the mobile market is making investors and analysts twitchy. Read more

Jive Software rolls out its biggest mobile update to date

The big focus is really to push as much content to mobile devices as possible for actual editing and collaboration rather than just viewing. Read more

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Simple ways to shut down Windows 8

Shut down Windows 8 by just pressing a key on your keyboard, pressing a button on your computer, or closing the lid on your laptop. View on site

Five CRM Apps for Your Small Business

A closer look at five relatively-inexpensive cloud-based CRM apps aimed at small businesses expecting to grow. View on site

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Connect your iPhone to Microsoft Office 365

MailDroid: A more versatile, user-friendly Android email client

Back up Windows Phone 8 to the cloud

Cleaning supplies for your smartphones, tablets, and accessories

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