Monday, 17 June 2013

[TechRepublic] Double-down on your Big Data resources

Big Data Analytics

TechRepublic Member | June 17, 2013

Double-down on your Big Data resources

Take some time today to re-evaluate the value on your Big Data strategy--you might want to double down on your resources. Read more

Resource of the day

Cooling Entire Data Centers Using Only Row Cooling

Some IT equipment in data centers appears incompatible with row cooling because it is not situated in a neat row. This paper explains how a cooling system comprised only of row coolers, with no room cooling system, can cool an entire data center.

How to overcome Big Data's main stumbling block

The stumbling block for many companies-and the reason why organizations fall behind in the planning and pre-planning stages of big data, appears to be confusion on how best to make big data work... Read more

Are we headed for a platform change for Big Data?

There's some re-thinking by HPC (high performance computing) vendors about which hardware delivers the best processing for big data payloads that need to be processed and analyzed as quickly as... Read more

Big Data in your call center: Managing the numbers

The data collected by your call center software is huge and varied. But which metrics matter and how can you make changes based on those metrics? Read more

Unconventional uses of Big Data and predictive analytics

Will Kelly tells us about some unconventional uses of Big Data and predictive analytics that are happening across multiple industries. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


How to prevent code rot

Software developers call neglected code that stops working code rot. Chip Camden explains why this often occurs and how to avoid such trouble. Read more

Featured multimedia


Google Glass ancestors: 45 years of digital eyewear (photos)

Google Glass is just the latest in the long history of glasses designed to augment human life. We have pictures showing the evolution of digital eyewear from 1968 through 2013, most of which were on display at the Augmented Reality Expo. View on site

Today's recommended downloads

Cooling Entire Data Centers Using Only Row Cooling (APC by Schneider Electric)

Security For Virtualization (Kaspersky Lab)

Live Webcast: Right Here, Right Now - Delivering Real-Time Customer Response (IBM)

Content Analytics: Drive Superior Customer Service (IBM)

Forrester Research: Continuous Availability (EMC)

More Big Data resources


Is Big Data big hype?

Big data: We've got big plans, says CIOs

Big data challenges and how the cloud can help

Harness Big Data with Google BigQuery

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Special feature: Next Generation Networks

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