Friday, 14 June 2013

Lessons from the remote support trenches, what's missing from Outlook 2013, how to spot data governance problems

10 Things

TechRepublic Member | June 14, 2013

10 important lessons I've learned as a remote engineer

It takes a special kind of person to handle the remote support role. But for the right tech, the work can be enormously satisfying. Read more

Resource of the day

Energy Efficient Cooling for Data Centers: A Close-Coupled Row Solution

Check out this article to learn more about the efficiency benefits of row-based cooling compared to two other common cooling architectures.

10 things that are missing from Outlook 2013

Microsoft removed quite a few tools and features from the latest version of Outlook. Do you miss them? Read more

10 signs that you might have a data governance problem

If data isn't managed well, your organization could be at significant risk. This list will help you spot areas where your data governance may fall short. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


8 tips to make SMB websites better

Small DIY websites often try to do too much, resulting in poor user engagement and lost business opportunities. Here are a few things to focus on. Read more

How to prevent code rot

Software developers call neglected code that stops working code rot. Chip Camden explains why this often occurs and how to avoid such trouble. Read more

Five ways to put personal data out of harm's way

Handling personal data can be costly and hazardous for businesses, which is why they are increasingly looking for an exit strategy that shifts the burden onto third-party providers. Read more

How to improve borderline client relationships

Here are four methods for reinvigorating a client relationship that has become strained. If these tactics don't work, it may be time to cut the client loose. Read more

What businesses should know about the new Google Maps

Many of your potential customers are probably using Google Maps to find you; are you making that process easier or harder? Read more

Poll: Is the mass-adoption of Windows 8.x by businesses inevitable?

A Great Debate on ZDNet about Windows 8.1 ignited a thought and a poll question that will surely lead to a discussion. Read more

Featured multimedia


Google Glass ancestors: 45 years of digital eyewear (photos)

Google Glass is just the latest in the long history of glasses designed to augment human life. We have pictures showing the evolution of digital eyewear from 1968 through 2013, most of which were on display at the Augmented Reality Expo. View on site

The new Mac Pro: You have to see to believe (pictures)

Apple unveils a radical, new look for the forthcoming Mac Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference. View on site

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Analyst Report: Forrester - Continuous IT Availability (EMC)

IBM Storwize V3700: Ideal for Microsoft Environments (IBM)

The Tactical Realities of Building a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Insight)

Live Webcast: Right Here, Right Now - Delivering Real-Time Customer Response (IBM)

A Practical Guide to Database Security (McAfee)

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