Thursday, 27 June 2013

[TechRepublic] Firm: Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affected

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TechRepublic Member | June 27, 2013

Firm: Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affected

According to the firm who found the bug, Facebook's email to six million users affected by its shadow profiles leak left out some numbers. Plus, non-user contacts were also leaked. UPDATED with Facebook responses (inline). Read more

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Deploying High-Density Pods in a Low-Density Data Center

With today's power and cooling technology, simple and rapid deployment of self-contained, high-density pods within an existing or new low-density data center is possible without a negative impact on the performance of existing infrastructure. Read more now.

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[Infographic] Wiretapping: Privacy vs. security

This infographic traces the history of the privacy vs. security debate in the U.S. from the Bill of Rights to PRISM. Read more

Social media disaster prevention and response tips

Here are several ways to try to prevent your company from committing a social media faux pas. Also, learn what to do if a social media disaster does occur. Read more

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HP enterprise storage systems suffer 'secret' admin account flaw

The computer and server maker is working hard on a fix to a security flaw in one of its enterprise systems, which could allow unauthorized access to corporate data. Read more

The top ten most common database security vulnerabilities

What are the most common, and serious, database vulnerabilities that businesses should be aware of? Read more

Google adds malware site flags to Transparency Report

Have you see those "warning" pages Google throws up when you're about to hit a malware-infested site? The search giant is now adding those flagged figures to its ongoing disclosure report. Read more

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Five Apps: Free disaster recovery

The law of averages dictates that disaster will strike you. When it does, you can only hope you have prepared for it. View on site

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