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Three file transfer methods for Android tablets

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | May 16, 2013

Three methods for transferring files to and from your Android tablet

If your Android tablet doesn't have a USB port, you can still easily transfer your files to and from a PC. Jack Wallen explains three ways this can be done. Read more

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Best Practice Tips on Building a Unified Communications Business Case

Moving to Unified Communications means determining which solution best fits your organization's needs. That includes creating a solid business case. This white paper tells you how to establish your criteria to seek out the best solution. View this essential white paper today.

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How to access Microsoft Office 365 from an Android tablet

Learn how to setup and configure an Android tablet to access Microsoft Office 365. Read more

Why bother building a business case for BYOD? You'll (have to) do it anyway

Bring your own device is an issue for nearly all organisations, but few are trying to justify it using standard metrics anymore. Read more

xScope Browser Pro: Full-featured, fast, one-handed browsing

Take a look at how to install and configure xScope Browser Pro, an inexpensive but powerful app for your Android mobile device. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Why tablets are winning

I had a hulking 45 pound quadcore Mac Pro for years. But my little 3 pound i7 MacBook Air has faster Geekbench scores and feels snappier. This is why tablets are winning. Read more

Dell cuts price on XPS 10 tablet with Windows RT to $299.99

Is this another sign of Windows RT's inability to connect with the buying public? Read more

Nokia 'very interested' in tablets, but don't hold your breath

A Nokia executive hinted that the phone maker is 'looking at' tablets. But there are at least three major hurdles for Nokia to consider, including its depleting financial position and an already aggressive mobile market space. Read more

Microsoft rolls out UEFI firmware and other Surface updates

Microsoft is continuing to roll out fixes and updates for its Surface Pro and Surface RT tablet/PC hybrids as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday process. Read more

Microsoft confirms Blue to be free for existing Windows 8 users

Microsoft plans to make its first update to Windows 8, codenamed Blue, free to existing Windows 8 users, company officials have confirmed. Read more

Roundup: Quirky tablet styluses

Upgrade your on-screen writing and painting with styluses that look like they can really make a mark. Read more

Microsoft Surface: Learning what a tablet is for

Snap mode ? the best feature in Windows RT no-one talks about, and why cheap tablets are like cut-price sewing machines. Read more

Asus VivoTab going back to Amazon

Having recently bought and shared first impressions of the Asus VivoTab tablet with laptop dock, it's fitting to explain why it's on its way back to Amazon. Read more

Asus VivoTab TF810C: First look at a solid Windows 8 tablet with pen

A new VivoTab arrived yesterday, and the first impression of this Windows 8 tablet with the keyboard dock and pen is favorable. Read more

Could hybrids be the death of tablets?

Are hybrid systems destined to kill off the tablet, or are they just another PC form factor waiting to fail? Read more

Google aims to push tablets as part of new education initiative

Google Play for Education lets teachers deploy an app or an e-book to all of their students' tablets at once. Read more

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Five apps that provide more performance using less resources

With the right app you can get high performance without taking up a large amount of resources. View on site

Five IDEs for building better applications

When it comes to building applications, the right tool for the job can really make all the difference. View on site

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