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[TechRepublic] App by app, Google is bringing self-serving Intents to iOS

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TechRepublic Member | May 08, 2013

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As a part-time iPhone user who spends most of his time on Android, the lack of ability to select a default browser other than Safari on iOS really gets my goat. Google has improved the situation somewhat this week by announcing a Controller class that will search for Chrome on the iDevice and launch the browser on URL events. If you want to see how it works, Google is pushing it in its own apps, such as Gmail. If you've been looking at the Australian Technology blog and wondering what Tony McSherry was up to, the answer is he was in South Australia, wrestling with technology and hunting for HDMI cables. As Tony writes for us this week, even the way that people go on holidays has been changed by technology. Have a good week, everyone. --Chris

App by app, Google is bringing self-serving Intents to iOS

Google makes it easier for iOS app developers to integrate with Chrome. Read more

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