Tuesday, 7 May 2013

[TechRepublic] Seven traits of effective programmers

Software Engineer

TechRepublic Member | May 07, 2013

Seven traits of effective programmers

Being a great programmer involves more than writing code that works. Justin James lists the hallmarks of programmers who rise to the top ranks of their profession. Read more

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Database Security in Virtualization and Cloud Computing Environments

Memory-based solutions for distributed database monitoring provide both more effective and more efficient data security. Read on to learn more.

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Android Jelly Bean ate my toast, the sequel: Revenge of the toast

If you miss toast messages in Android 4.2, follow this tutorial to learn how to create your own. Read more

Motion Events Part 1: Orientation and Shake-motion Detection in iOS

Motion information for iOS apps is made available through the use of motion events. This tutorial explains how it works. Read more

Ways to make your Android app stand out on Google Play

Here are basic tricks for priming the market before the release of your Android app on Google Play and then for optimizing its presence on the app store once it's ready to download. Read more

Experiment with CSS3 Exclusions and Shapes module

The CSS Exclusions module is still in the experimental phase, but you can start learning about it and playing with the code now. Read more

Create social media interaction for small business websites

Follow these simple tips for social media sharing that will help you build relationships with customers, drive more traffic, and work on a small budget. Read more

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Google Search app brings Google Now to Jelly Bean (pictures)

We take a close look at the Google Search app, which comes preinstalled on all Android devices. Unfortunately, though, only Jelly Bean devices get the cool Google Now features. View on site

Every atom matters in new IBM film (Pictures)

IBM's short animated film "A boy and his atom" was shot at the atomic level and set the Guinness record for world's smallest stop-motion movie. View on site

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Live Webcast - ERP Enhances Every Aspect of Your Business: Find Out How (TechRepublic)

Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure for Dummies (Oracle)

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