Thursday, 23 May 2013

Students, tablets, and the lack of experiential learning

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | May 23, 2013

Do students who are issued tablets miss the benefits of experiential learning?

What is your opinion about tablet initiatives in schools for the sake of education? Are students missing out on the benefits of experiential learning? Read more

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Energy Savings Performance Contracts for Federal Data Center Consolidation

The initial capital investment for federal agency data center energy conservation projects can be daunting. Read this paper to learn how Energy Savings Performance Contracts provide federal agencies with an alternative financing option.

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How to block in-app purchases on your Android tablet

Find out how you can block in-app purchases on your Android tablet with the help of the Google Play Store settings. Read more

Factor mobile ERP and CRM into BYOD planning

Factoring mobile ERP and CRM into your BYOD planning ensures a secure and seamless experience for your BYOD users. Read more

Malware in the Google Play Store: Enemy inside the gates

Google Play has experienced some recent malware infestations. Learn about the details and how to protect yourself and your users. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Good apps for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The 8-inch screen on the Note 8.0 is the perfect size to take advantage of portability while displaying lots of information. These apps work well on the Note 8.0 and should run well on other Android tablets. Read more

Lenovo's scattergun approach to Windows 8 bears fruit in down market

The Lenovo Group has managed to post strong fourth quarter numbers in a market generally down for PC sales. The company's PC line with its diverse form factors that take advantage of Windows 8 is an apparent winner. Read more

New Microsoft video slams the iPad on multitasking, PowerPoint and price

A new Windows video (presumably a TV commercial) knocks the iPad over multitasking, its lack of a PowerPoint app and the price of the 64GB configuration. Read more

Surface Pro arrives, but are businesses any closer to being ready for tablets?

Business has always had a love-hate relationship with the slate ? so will anything be different for Microsoft's next assault on the market? Read more

Logitech to make wired iPad keyboard for the classroom

Logitech has several keyboards for the iPad, but the new Wired Keyboard for iPad is the first to plug into the tablet for use in the classroom where wireless keyboards are not ideal. Read more

Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet: Beating the iPad mini with features (review)

Samsung has a winner in the Galaxy Note 8.0. It competes directly with the iPad mini by adding features that Apple can't duplicate. Read more

ThinkPad T431s: Review in photos

The latest ThinkPad from Lenovo has a large trackpad with unique 5-button configuration and is made to withstand the bumps of the road. Read more

Windows 8 without touch is like a day without sunshine

Microsoft shook things up with the interface on Windows 8 designed to work well both with touch and without. It got it half right. Read more

Kindle Fire HD spreads to over 170 countries, bringing uncertainty for other Android tablets

The Kindle Fire represents a real threat to the Android tablet landscape not because of the Amazon logo, but because of its highly disruptive pricing. Read more

AMD unveils new A-series and E-series APUs offering more power and less power consumption

AMD debuts new silicon, including the world's first 28-nanometer, quad-core x86 SoC APU aimed at small touch-enabled notebooks, tablets and hybrids. Read more

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Screenshots: Five obscure web browsers

Not all web browsers are created equal, but obscurity does not mean they are not worth your attention. View on site

8 apps you need for summer travel plans (pictures)

From picking your flights and packing your bags to airport layouts and chronicling your adventures, we've got you covered. View on site

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