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Manage multiple account passwords with Passwords Plus


TechRepublic Member | May 24, 2013

Manage multiple account passwords with Passwords Plus

Find out how to use Passwords Plus to manage login information from your mobile device. Read more

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Ten Errors to Avoid When Commissioning a Data Center

Proper execution of the commissioning process is a critical step for your data center. This paper outlines the ten most common errors that prevent successful execution of the commissioning process.

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Top four Android voice recorder applications

After combing through numerous Android recording apps, Jack Wallen lists his top four favorite and why. Read more

BoomerangDoc: Another secure file sharing solution

Find out why Will Kelly isn't very impressed with BoomerangDoc, a secure file sharing app for iOS devices. Read more

How to block in-app purchases on your Android tablet

Find out how you can block in-app purchases on your Android tablet with the help of the Google Play Store settings. Read more

Factor mobile ERP and CRM into BYOD planning

Factoring mobile ERP and CRM into your BYOD planning ensures a secure and seamless experience for your BYOD users. Read more

Malware in the Google Play Store: Enemy inside the gates

Google Play has experienced some recent malware infestations. Learn about the details and how to protect yourself and your users. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Jolla: All eyes are on the hardware ? but what about the ecosystem?

Finnish smartphone startup Jolla unveiled its first phone this week, but its Sailfish Alliance seems to be taking a back seat to hardware development. Read more

HTC Desire 600 brings quad-core processor and BlinkFeed to the midrange

HTC is planning to release a mid-range device in the Desire range that will include a quad-core processor, 8-megapixel camera and its Sense 5 UI but has not yet confirmed that it will be headed to the UK. Read more

iPhone, therefore I am ... a selfish disruptor

'Disruption' is a good thing? No: Next time you hear some Kool-Aid-sculling startup genius boast that they're 'disruptive', punch them really hard. Smashing things at random is not progress. Read more

HTC leadership departures don't necessarily mean the company is done

Several people have recently departed HTC, but that doesn't mean the company is shutting the doors. There may be marketing strategy changes, a focus only on Asia, or some other strategy we do not yet know about. Read more

Box acqui-hires Folders to broaden iPhone, iPad offering

The enterprise cloud storage firm, which is currently hurtling towards an initial public offering, has snapped up French firm Folders and its developer. Read more

HTC One: Lock and load, it's enterprise ready

HTCpro, the company's business-ready platform, has added the HTC One to its portfolio. It's plug-and-play with the enterprise, and ready to take on the iPhone's dominance. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 reaches ten million sales milestone

Samsung says that sales of the Galaxy S4 have passed the ten million mark less than a month after being launched. Read more

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Screenshots: Five encryption tools for Windows

Whether you want to encrypt an entire hard drive or just a folder or a few files, using the right tool is vital. View on site

Screenshots: Personalize Windows 8 background images

Personalizing backgrounds in Windows 8 takes a bit of effort, but it can be done. View on site

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Connect your iPhone to Microsoft Office 365

MailDroid: A more versatile, user-friendly Android email client

Back up Windows Phone 8 to the cloud

Cleaning supplies for your smartphones, tablets, and accessories

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