Monday, 13 May 2013

[TechRepublic] Major cloud providers transforming enterprise software market

The Enterprise Cloud

TechRepublic Member | May 13, 2013

Major cloud providers transforming enterprise software market

Every area of enterprise software, from CRM to ERP, is ripe for increased competition from the big players in cloud infrastructure services. Read more

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On-demand Webcast: 5 Important Steps for Using the Cloud to Protect Your Network

Don't miss this on-demand webcast about how you can deploy cloud security services to protect and strengthen your networks from threats both sinister and systemic.

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Hyper-V Recovery Manager on Windows Azure: Game changer in DR architecture

HVRM is a hybrid service that leverages the Azure public cloud and allows you to manage the replication of your primary data center to your disaster recovery (DR) site. Read more

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IT/business alignment has gone from something you should consider to further your IT department to something you should do to keep your IT department employed. Read more

10 ways to get more out of Zoho

Zoho offers applications and services for nearly every business need. See how you can get the maximum benefit from this flexible CRM solution. Read more

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Screenshots: Install Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive makes using ISO files in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, just as easy as it is in Windows 8. View on site

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Consolidating Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle's SPARC SuperCluster (Oracle)

On-demand Webcast: Who you gonna call? How cloud security services safeguard your business (GFI Software)

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Enterprise software represents the glue that ties together teams and business processes, especially in global organizations. Check out this TechRepublic and ZDNet special feature to see how enterprise software is simplifying, mobilizing, and getting a lot more social.

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