Friday, 31 May 2013

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TechRepublic Member | May 31, 2013

10 reasons why Kingsoft Office is better than the competition

Move over Microsoft Office and LibreOffice - there's a new suite in town. Read more

Resource of the day

On-demand Webcast: 5 Steps to Nurture Customer Loyalty and Increase Profitability - Now

As the modern multi-channel consumer becomes more empowered than ever, organizations are struggling to identify the right customers to target with the right offers. View this on-demand webcast now to discover 5 key strategies to enhance customer loyalty.

10 highly valued soft skills for IT pros

Today's IT pro needs both technical expertise and soft skills -- that's nothing new. But the scope of those in-demand soft skills just keeps growing. Read more

10 keys to a successful corporate online training program

If it's done right, online training can help employees develop the skills they need to do their jobs effectively and expand their knowledge and expertise. Read more

10 timesaving strategies for the help desk

Vague descriptions, off-the-wall requests, and ad hoc 'quick questions' can slow help desk operations to a crawl. Try these tricks to remove obstacles and speed things up. Read more

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Top 10 companies with the best business outlook, according to employees

See which companies employees said had the best business outlook for the coming year. Read more

Project management: One size does not fit all

Some projects are not suited to a Waterfall approach, and they're not a perfect fit for a 100% Agile approach. The solution might be a combination of the two project management methodologies. Read more

The curse of cloudwashing lives on

Dressing up products with the latest buzzwords isn't unusual in the tech industry, but consumers shouldn't be misled about what makes for a true cloud service. Read more

Five apps to help secure Thunderbird

If you're looking for some added security for Thunderbird, you might want to look into the various available extensions. Read more

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Extreme weather photos from the NOAA

Weather can be an awesome and dangerous thing and these images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration prove it. View on site

Screenshots: Five encryption tools for Windows

Whether you want to encrypt an entire hard drive or just a folder or a few files, using the right tool is vital. View on site

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On-demand Webcast: 5 Steps to Nurture Customer Loyalty and Increase Profitability - Now (IBM)

Room, Row, and Rack-based Cooling for Data Centers (APC by Schneider Electric)

Tweak It: How to Harness Small Changes for Work-Life Harmony (Citrix Online)

ZDNet Asia IT Priorities 2013 Report (ZDNet)

Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics (Riverbed)

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The Internet of Things: What you need to know

The Internet of Things has emerged as one of IT's hottest trends of 2013. We have a great set of resources to help you figure out how it can help your business.

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