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Does the decline in PC sales indicate tablet dominance?

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | May 09, 2013

Does the decline in PC sales indicate tablet dominance?

Tablets and mobile devices are a major force behind the decline in PC sales, but is the PC dead, and are tablets truly the heir apparent for desktops and laptops? Read more

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Database Security and Compliance: Protection Without Sacrifice

McAfee delivers a complete database security solution that protects your database environment efficiently and cost effectively, while maintaining optimum system performance and availability.

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Get a handy (code-friendly) text editor for your Android tablet

Find out why Jack Wallen thinks that DroidEdit is a great tool for any developer or admin who needs to troubleshoot code on the go. Read more

Banks better get moving on extending mobile apps to tablets

If banks want to stay competitive, they may want to focus less on checking fee gimmicks and more on developing apps for mobile banking. Read more

How to manage remote connections via iSSH for iOS

Take a look at iSSH - SSH / VNC Console, an application that allows you to manage remote connections from your iPhone or iPad. Read more

App by app, Google is bringing self-serving Intents to iOS

Google makes it easier for iOS app developers to integrate with Chrome. Read more

Ways to make your Android app stand out on Google Play

Here are basic tricks for priming the market before the release of your Android app on Google Play and then for optimizing its presence on the app store once it's ready to download. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


A tale of two OneNotes: Metro version a no-go

I just spent big bucks to buy a Windows 8 hybrid with a pen for taking notes. Research conducted while waiting for it to arrive shows the two versions of OneNote in the store are very different in capability. Read more

Toshiba exec: Microsoft confused consumers over Windows 8, RT

The computer maker accused Microsoft of "confusing" consumers with multiple flavors of Windows 8, such as ARM-based versions. Read more

Why is Microsoft obsessed with putting Office on tablets?

Oh, Bill, people don't want Office on their iPads. Or Nexus 7s. Or maybe even their Surfaces. Read more

Microsoft, tablets, Windows 8 and the pull and push of history

Redmond's attitude towards tablets and its response to Windows 8 show the pressure that Microsoft is experiencing from two entirely different directions ? the past and the future. Read more

Asus Vivo Tab on the way: It's all about the ink

My obsession with mobile technology is confirmed once again as a new Asus Vivo Tab with keyboard dock is on its way to my door. Read more

Remember the UMPC: First 7-inch Windows tablets

It's worth remembering the Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), with the first small Windows 8 tablets coming soon. Read more

Small Windows tablets on the way to satisfy no existing market

The tech world reacted with buzz to leaked information about a small tablet in the works that runs Windows 8. I understand the knee-jerk excitement, but I'm not sure who small tablets might be aimed to please. Read more

Definitive guide to keyboards for iPad and iPad mini (Spring 2013)

There are lots of keyboards available for the iPad and a few for the iPad mini. This collection is the best of the lot based on hands-on use in the field. Read more

Tablets will outsell notebooks 6 to 1 by 2017: NPD

NPD's latest study suggests that tablet shipments will grow by 67 percent this year to 256.5 million, and continue to grow until it reaches 579.4 million in 2017, dwarfing notebook sales. Read more

Bill Gates: A lot of iPad users are 'frustrated'

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates believes that iPad users are "frustrated". His solution to this frustration is Microsoft's Surface and Surface Pro tablets, which come with a keyboard, and more importantly, the Office suite of applications. Read more

UEFI to make its way into mobile and non-PC markets

UEFI -- the BIOS replacement that bought the Secure Boot technology to Windows 8 PCs -- is set to appear in a wide range of devices, from smartphones to servers. Read more

Intel finally gets serious about mobile with Silvermont

Silvermont is exciting not because of what Silvermont itself brings to the table, but what it is going to mean for the mobile space over the coming years. Intel will do with Silvermont what it did with Conroe back in 2006, using it as a platform to build upon over the coming years. Read more

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Screenshots: Five solid cloud-based apps

Jack Wallen lists five solid cloud-based utilities that can help to make your daily business life much easier. View on site

Screenshots: Five alternatives to QuickBooks

Jack Wallen suggests several options that offer a near feature-for-feature comparison to the popular QuickBooks. View on site

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