Tuesday, 16 April 2013

[TechRepublic] Long-term tech trends developers need to know

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TechRepublic Member | April 16, 2013

Long-term technology trends developers need to know

Justin James highlights some factors developers should consider when making tech decisions about languages, Web Services, databases, and more. Read more

Resource of the day

On-demand Webcast: Affordable and Secure Data Storage for the Mid-Market

Don't miss this webcast that will examine the importance of data storage solutions for the mid-market, including best practice tips for gathering and storing data safely and inexpensively.

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Embrace the JSON standard in your C# code

Looking for a leaner approach than XML for formatting and sending data? Then give JSON and even Json.NET, a tool for working with JSON data within C#, a try. Read more

Prepare your https sites for Firefox 23

An upcoming release of Firefox will prevent non-SSL non-display content loading on SSL pages. Read more

The app developer top 5: Why PaaS is a liberating choice

Guest contributor Bill Platt cites the top 5 reasons app developers are turning to PaaS to solve some core challenges. Read more

Better Code: Get your iOS app in the iCloud

Developers can leverage iCloud for common ground storage of information specific to an iOS app. Read more

Better Code: UISlider Basics for Apple iOS

Scott Kantner teaches the basics of slider operations and how to build a custom slider for your next app. Read more

What is the difference between responsive vs. adaptive web design?

Ryan Boudreaux clears up some of the confusion about what is meant by responsive vs. adaptive web design. While similar in their goal, the approaches are different. Read more

Today's recommended downloads

On-demand Webcast: Endpoint Security Case Study - Actively Managing Administrative Rights (Viewfinity)

On-demand Webcast: How to Keep Up With Data (SAP)

On-demand Webcast: Affordable and Secure Data Storage for the Mid-Market (EMC)

Oracle Tuxedo 12c Datasheet (Oracle)

Live Webcast - ERP Enhances Every Aspect of Your Business: Find Out How (TechRepublic)

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