Monday, 15 April 2013

[TechRepublic] Does data center co-location make sense for Big Data?

Big Data Analytics

TechRepublic Member | April 15, 2013

Does data center co-location make sense for Big Data?

Mary Shacklett discusses whether you should consider a co-lo for big data analytics and high performance computing. Read more

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On-demand Webcast: Affordable and Secure Data Storage for the Mid-Market

Don't miss this webcast that will examine the importance of data storage solutions for the mid-market, including best practice tips for gathering and storing data safely and inexpensively.

To get Big Data buy-in, IT should let go of proof of concept

If your company is currently experimenting with Big Data in an attempt to prove some sort of concept--interrupt this right away. If you're going to prove something--it better be value. Read more

Before Big Data, clean data

With interest in the analysis side of data at an all-time high, it's not a bad time to suggest efforts to clean that most critical aspect of any Big Data project. Read more

How to tackle Big Data cleanup

Mary Shacklett outlines six tips for classifying and cleaning up data. Read more

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Screenshots: Use Win+X Menu Editor to customize Windows 8

Greg Shultz shows you to create your own customized WinX menu for Windows 8. View on site

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451: Silver Peak Claims Proof-Positive of Network Virtualization's Agility (Silver Peak Systems, Inc.)

On-demand Webcast: Affordable and Secure Data Storage for the Mid-Market (EMC)

Forrester Video: The Next Generation Cloud and Your Network (Silver Peak Systems, Inc.)

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Is Big Data big hype?

Big data: We've got big plans, says CIOs

Big data challenges and how the cloud can help

Harness Big Data with Google BigQuery

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