Tuesday, 28 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Windows 8 on ARM: What you need to know

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TechRepublic Member | February 28, 2012

Windows 8 on ARM: What developers need to know

Confused about what's happening with ARM devices when Windows 8 is released? You're not alone. Here are the facts from Microsoft. Read more

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Improve your productivity with Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

Tony Patton highlights several Visual Studio 2010 Extensions that simplify his daily work and save him some time and frustration. Read more

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Visual Studio 11 beta due on Feb 29

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HTML5: How to implement the Geolocation API

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Google Chrome Dev Tools: Network Panel

Ryan Boudreaux illustrates how you can use the Google Chrome Dev Tools Network Panel to gather information on web pages such as load times and resources used. Read more

Geek Trivia: In what year is the current Gregorian leap year system expected to 'fail?'

A recurring margin of error is building in the leap year system that suggests it will fail -- as in, the vernal equinox will be more than a day removed from March 21 -- at a particular date in the future. Read more

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31 top-notch sports websites

One aspect that sets this list of sports websites apart from the fray is their creative use of images, graphics, and sports-related photography. View on site

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Live Webcast: Build a Winning Business Case for a New Web Content Management Technology

If your system for managing your web content is looking stale, now is the time to update it. Check out this webcast to learn more about updating your web content management system and what it can do for you.

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Gallery: The beautiful 3D behind America's great engineering feats

The Historic American Engineering Record contains gorgeous 3D documentation of big projects like the Space Shuttle Discovery, some of the country's great bridges, and more.

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