Tuesday, 28 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Online dating services: Risking more than a broken heart

IT Security

TechRepublic Member | February 28, 2012

Online dating services: Risking more than a broken heart

People looking for companionship are trusting online services more than ever. Is that trust misplaced? Michael Kassner looks for the privacy and security gaps in online dating. Read more

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Free White Paper: Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers

Stop wasting power at your data center--find out how to best measure, evaluate, and model electrical efficiency at both new and existing facilities.

What to do when your security is breached by someone with a badge

Patrick Lambert looks at some high-profile cases of defendants being forced to give up passwords and encryption keys. What are your options when it happens to you outside of a court of law? Read more

Infographic: Social media privacy

This infographic illustrates the general feelings that users have about their online privacy expectations in regards to participating in social media. Read more

How much has cyber-spying changed since 1989? Not as much as you'd think

Bob Eisenhardt looks back at Clifford Stoll's classic cyber-spying true story from 1989 and poses the question, how much has really changed in the world of cyber-espionage? Not that much, as it... Read more

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Personal data encryption, IT and the Fifth Amendment

Last week, a federal court for the first time ruled that the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution -- the right to not self-incriminate -- protects against "forced decryption." Read more

Five apps to wipe data from your Android phone

If your phone gets lost or stolen -- or if you decide to return or recycle it -- you need to wipe it clean of your private data. Read more

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What's puffing the sails in Avast 2012?

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