Monday, 27 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Android vs. iOS usability

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TechRepublic Member | February 27, 2012

Android vs. iOS usability: No clear answers, but a lot of fun arguing

Ken Hardin argues there will never be a consensus on whether usability is better in Android or iOS apps. App usability tests do indicate, however, that less is more. Read more

Resource of the day

Getting your Android app on the Nook Apps store

Despite the issues William J. Francis encountered with the B&N Nook developer portal, he encourages readers to try this outlet. Read more

Making tiles and screenshots for the WP7 App Hub marketplace

Learn simple tricks for creating good tiles and screenshots for your Windows Phone 7 application before you submit it to the App Hub marketplace. Read more

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Developer news: PHP 5.3.10, Xeround FREE, qTrace, Code PaLOUsa

Read about Applicasa's free mobile backend, ARM support for Windows 8, a free ebook, mobile sites vs. apps, and more. Read more

Re-think everything for mobile or you're toast

Mobile devices are about to dwarf computers and the mobile web will have to take off the training wheels. Is your company ready? Read more

Making a sortable ListView in Android

Creating a list of items in Android is simple, but what if you want to make those items sortable by dragging them? Now things start to get interesting. Read more

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Five apps for securely wiping your Android phone

You don't want your personal data to fall into the wrong hands if your phone gets lost or stolen. These apps let you wipe an Android phone and keep your private info private. View on site

Android features that may elicit envy from iPhone owners (photos)

Google made public a new swipe-to-unlock patent, something HTC actually already offers. CNET takes a look at some other features that vendors have contributed to Android--features that may someday end up in a patent battle. View on site

Cracking Open the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

Bill Detwiler cracks open the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. Inside the Android smartphone, he found hardware from Texas Instruments, Elpida, and Atmel. View on site

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Live Webcast: Build a Winning Business Case for a New Web Content Management Technology

If your system for managing your web content is looking stale, now is the time to update it. Check out this webcast to learn more about updating your web content management system and what it can do for you.

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Live Webcast: Top Considerations for Effective Managed Security for 2012 and Beyond (AT&T)

Cables and Connectors: Planning your Data Center (APC by Schneider Electric)

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