Thursday, 16 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Mobile credit card processing made easy


TechRepublic Member | February 16, 2012

Mobile credit card processing made easy

William Lewis highlights two easy options for getting started in the credit card game and staying mobile in the process: Square and GoPayment. Read more

Resource of the day

The rise of the app store, and the frustrated enterprise

The BYOD movement can be challenging for CIOs in a number of ways. Scott Lowe has some suggestions for how to handle it. Read more

Get rid of duplicate contacts on your iPhone with ContactClean

Derek Schauland highlights a housekeeping app for your iPhone that helps you clean up your contacts list. Read more

How Microsoft could win me back from Android

Deb Shinder explains what Microsoft needs to do to win her back from her current Android smartphone. Read more

Five apps that put the 'phone' in 'smartphone'

Smartphones have evolved into versatile multi-purpose tools, but they haven't outgrown their primary role as... well, PHONES. Read more

Chrome beta for Android but only if are part of the 1 percent

You can get the Chrome beta for Android devices, but only if you are part of the 1% that has Ice Cream Sandwich. Read more

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LG Spectrum: Simple and uninteresting, perfect for daily use

Donovan Colbert reviews the LG Spectrum smartphone. Find out why he would pick this middle-of-the-road device over the Motorola Razr or Galaxy Nexus. Read more

Migrate Outlook contacts to your Android phone

Jack Wallen walks you through the steps for migrating your Outlook contacts to your Android phone if you're using IMAP or POP3. Read more

Three apps for the traveling consultant

Scott Lowe highlights three apps that help IT consultants on the go. Read more

Three protective cases for different smartphone needs

William Lewis takes a look at three protective cases for your smartphone: The Callet, the iPhone 4/4S Soft Touch Pong, and the OtterBox lineup. Read more

Featured multimedia


Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T)

Samsung's latest creation, the Galaxy Note has just arrived. A union of tablet and smartphone, the $300 device for AT&T offers a big 5.3 inch screen,4G data, and even a stylus. View on site

Ethical-iPhone 5 activists deliver their plea to Apple (photos)

Members of and SumofUs hand-deliver 250,000 petitions in a show of strength for their call for Apple to adopt more ethical practices when building its products. View on site

Featured Webcast

Live Webcast: Fast and Efficient Business Security Strategies

Check out this webcast to learn more about fast and efficient business security strategies. You're in the midst of an arms race, make sure you win it.

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Live Webcast: Top Considerations for Effective Managed Security for 2012 and Beyond (AT&T)

Put HP's DL980 Servers to the Test (Hewlett-Packard (HP))

Live Webcast: Fast and Efficient Business Security Strategies (GFI Software)

Boost Web Application Performance for a Better User Experience (dynaTrace software)

Determining TCO for data center infrastructure (APC by Schneider Electric)

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The 20 most useful Android smartphone apps of 2011

The 20 best iPhone apps of 2011 for productive geeks

Five reasons Android is superior to the iPhone

Lesser-known Android tips and tricks

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Drupal: How a dorm room tech project became a global phenomenon

The creator of the CMS Drupal reveals how the platform got started by accident and why being open source is the key to its success.

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