Monday, 20 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Why your persistence will pay off

IT Consultant

TechRepublic Member | February 20, 2012

My fountain moment, or why persistence pays off for consultants

Chip Camden recounts when he realized he was making it as a consultant, and offers encouragement to consultants who might be feeling self-doubt like he did. Read more

Resource of the day

Creating Order from Chaos in Data Centers and Server Rooms

When your data center is a mess, it does more than make it difficult to maintain, it affects performance and reliability as well. Learn how to get your data center organized in this white paper from APC.

Deployment documentation best practices for consultants

Don't deploy a new firewall, VPN, server, SAN, wireless network, or other systems without properly documenting the installation. Read more

How to use Microsoft Project 2010's rule-based resource leveling

Learn how to set up your project schedule to use a manual rule-based resource leveling technique in Microsoft Project 2010 that minimizes resource leveling headaches. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources


Grade your job poll results: IT Consultant

This week we present the results of the grade your job poll for IT Consultants. Read more

The dangers of unintended consequences

Sometimes IT, with its tendency to build rules and validations, can also generate inflexible systems that leave users ill-equipped to do their jobs. Read more

Can stress be good?

There are two kinds of stress -- bad and good. Here is the difference and the benefits that can be had from good stress. Read more

A simple framework for SMB IT risk management

Don't wait for something to go wrong before you start classifying, assessing and mitigating the risks to your IT systems. Read more

Removing a single point of failure: Creating a second EC2 machine on AWS

Nick Hardiman addresses the single point of failure with his lone Amazon EC2 machine. He creates a second VM by cloning the AMI. Read more

DIY: Set up the Openfire internal chat server

Openfire is an easy to build and use internal chat server that helps make internal communication more efficient. Get install and setup instructions. Read more

Featured multimedia


Mountain Lion developer preview (screenshots)

The Mountain Lion developer preview is here and we had a chance to check out many of the new features. Have a look at some of the more striking new features in Mac OS X 10.8 in this slideshow. View on site

ReactOS 0.3.14

ReactOS is still in alpha phase, but its clear to see the direction and progress that is being made to create an open-source Windows NT binary-compatible operating system. View on site

Five data recovery tools that could save the day

When a hard drive crashes and takes important files with it, you may need to turn to one of these rescue apps. View on site

The 15 most useful Android smartphone widgets

One of the biggest advantages of Android over iPhone is widgets. Here are 15 of the best widgets available for Android, updated for 2012. View on site

Featured Webcast

Live Webcast: Top Considerations for Effective Managed Security for 2012 and Beyond

Register for this webcast, Top Considerations for Effective Managed Security for 2012 and Beyond, to learn more about what you can do to keep your network protected for years to come.

Today's recommended downloads

Live Webcast: Fast and Efficient Business Security Strategies (GFI Software)

Improving Airflow in a Raised-Floor Data Center (APC by Schneider Electric)

Webcast - Managing Mobility and Network Expansion (IBM)

Netshelter CX Enclosure - Product Demonstration (APC by Schneider Electric)

Power and Cooling Capacity Management for Data Centers (APC by Schneider Electric)

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