Friday, 17 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Google Chrome Dev Tools: Console Panel

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TechRepublic Member | February 17, 2012

Google Chrome Dev Tools: How to use the Console Panel

Ryan Boudreaux takes a look at the Google Dev Tools Console Panel and shows you how to use it to debug, inspect the DOM, and analyze HTML errors. Read more

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Free White Paper: Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers

Stop wasting power at your data center--find out how to best measure, evaluate, and model electrical efficiency at both new and existing facilities.

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Discover the DigitalColor Meter tool on your Mac

Wil Limoges spotlights a lesser-known Mac tool called DigitalColor Meter. Read more

Poll: Do you prefer visual or textual development tools?

After observing that the Ruby on Rails community is dropping visual tools for command lines and scripts, Justin James is curious to learn what TechRepublic readers prefer: visual or textual tools. Read more

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview is now available

Check out the early scoop on Mac's Mountain Lion Developer Preview. Read more

15 Android widgets that will make iPhone users jealous

One of the biggest advantages of Android over iPhone is widgets. Here are 15 of the best widgets available for Android, updated for 2012. Read more

The Google Docs text editor that doesn't edit text files

Kevin Purdy ponders the peculiar fact that you cannot view or edit a plain text file in Google Docs without first converting it. Read more

Drupal: How a dorm room tech project became a global phenomenon

The creator of the CMS Drupal reveals how the platform got started by accident and why being open source is the key to its success. Read more

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30 inspirational website designs for non-profits

This gallery of thirty non-profit and charitable website designs showcases their up-to-date content, creativity, passion, innovation, and inspiration that make them stand out among competitors. View on site

Mountain Lion developer preview (screenshots)

The Mountain Lion developer preview is here and we had a chance to check out many of the new features. Have a look at some of the more striking new features in Mac OS X 10.8 in this slideshow. View on site

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Live Webcast: Top Considerations for Effective Managed Security for 2012 and Beyond

Register for this webcast, Top Considerations for Effective Managed Security for 2012 and Beyond, to learn more about what you can do to keep your network protected for years to come.

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