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[TechRepublic] Facebook headlines new mobile working group

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TechRepublic Member | February 29, 2012

Editor's note
It has been a busy few days on the tech circuit. Facebook has joined forces with the likes of Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and Nokia to create a group focused on improving mobile browsers, Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 betas appeared overnight, and 10,000 Raspberry Pis disappeared the moment they went on sale. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Pi, I'd love to hear from you. -- Chris

Facebook headlines new mobile working group

A new W3C community group focusing on mobile browsing has been formed, without any participation so far from Apple or Google. Read more

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AtG: did someone say launches?

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Visual Studio 11 beta due on Feb 29

Developers will be able to get their hands on the next version of the venerable Visual Studio IDE next week. Read more

BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 review

After a long gestation, RIM has finally delivered the long-awaited 2.0 software update to its PlayBook line. Is it enough to turn the device's fortunes around? Read more

Time zone database lawsuit dismissed

The lawsuit that shut down the venerable time zone database, tz, which powered the majority of Unix-derived software across the globe, has been dismissed. Read more

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The $35 Raspberry Pi computer goes on sale

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Windows 8 on ARM: What developers need to know

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BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 review

After a long gestation, RIM has finally delivered the long-awaited 2.0 software update to its PlayBook line. Is it enough to turn the device's fortunes around?

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