Thursday, 23 February 2012

[TechRepublic] Why your enterprise isn't using YouTube and why it should

Google in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | February 23, 2012

Why your enterprise is (or isn't) on YouTube: Google's demand generation problem

There are several key factors holding back the adoption of YouTube in the enterprise, but there are also key reasons you should be doing it anyway. Read more

Resource of the day

Have You Supersized Your Data Center? Avoid the Pitfalls of Oversizing

When it comes to the infrastructure of your data center or network rooms, bigger is not necessarily better. Read this white paper to learn the facts about and reasons behind oversizing. Explore ways you can avoid the problems presented by oversizing.

Give Google better feedback and bug reports and get better results

Be a smarter Google App user and let Google know directly about your problem or suggestion as you use the tools. Read more

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Add Google Docs to the Windows 7 New menu

With a Windows Registry edit you can add Google Docs to the entries listed in the Windows 7 New menu. Read more

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office vs. Office 365

Ian Hardenburgh sees the Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office as a temporary fix. It will eventually come down to choosing between Google's Cloud and Microsoft's. Read more

You still have domains registered on GoDaddy? Why?

Patrick Lambert discusses the numerous instances of turning off domains for questionable reasons and with very little notice. Would you trust GoDaddy with your domain name? Read more

Google Bouncer: Bad guys may have an app for that

What if malware was designed to pass inspection, then download the bad stuff? It appears "what if" is here and now. Read more

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Fantastic folding laptop designs

From three-layered cubes to dual-screen devices, these US patent drawings show possibilities beyond the typical clam-shell laptop design. View on site

Android features that may elicit envy from iPhone owners (photos)

Google made public a new swipe-to-unlock patent, something HTC actually already offers. CNET takes a look at some other features that vendors have contributed to Android--features that may someday end up in a patent battle. View on site

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9 reasons why smart businesses upgrade to Google Apps for Business

Be honest, do you really trust Google?

Four ways Google+ will end up in your workplace

Use Microsoft Office to create Google docs with Cloud Connect


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Bob Eisenhardt looks back at Clifford Stoll's classic cyber-spying true story from 1989 and poses the question, how much has really changed in the world of cyber-espionage? Not that much, as it turns out.

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