Thursday, 31 January 2013

You can get real work done with Surface RT

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | January 31, 2013

Hands on: Getting real work done with Surface RT

Deb Shinder shares her experience using Surface RT as her working computer at CES 2013. Find out where RT stumbles and where it excels. Read more

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Cloudera Manager - Free Edition

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Why the Surface Pro won't fit my computing needs

Find out why Patrick Gray doesn't plan to purchase Microsoft's Surface Pro when it's released. Read more

Add a secure shell server to your Android tablet

Jack Wallen takes a look at SSH Server, a free secure shell server that doesn't require you to root your Android tablet. Read more

Control costs with tablets and M2M in the back office

Will Kelly provides an overview of how tablets and M2M are helping companies across multiple industries streamline and simplify business processes and tasks. Read more

Find out which mobile apps are stealing your identity

Mobile device malware is approaching exponential growth. Mobile apps are the vehicle of choice to deliver malware. Michael P. Kassner looks at our options. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Top iPad keyboards: 2013 First Edition

Using a keyboard with the iPad is not for everyone, but if you're looking for one you should check out the top models included here. Don't miss the bonus for iPad mini owners. Read more

Top apps for the Nexus 7: Early 2013 edition

The Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets on the market. It's even better with these apps installed. Read more

How Microsoft could free up more storage for Surface Pro users

Thanks to the inclusion of an on-board recovery partition, the 64GB version of Microsoft's Surface Pro only has a sobering 23GB of free storage available to the user. Here's how Microsoft could give users some more. Read more

Why Ballmer doesn't want Office on the iPad

Microsoft is still tied to Windows and the PC industry, and putting the flagship Office suite on the iPad would give the competing platform additional traction. Read more

Apple's 128GB iPad: A premium product at a premium price

Will customers stomach the price tag of the new 128GB iPad? Read more

Why the imminent release of a 128GB iPad is unlikely

There are rumors circulating that Apple is preparing to release a 128GB version of the iPad, but given Apple's past track record, this is highly unlikely. Read more

Are iPads really cannibalizing Mac sales?

Pundits and analysts alike are disappointed with Apple Mac sales, claiming that iOS devices are cannibalizing the company's sales of notebooks and desktops. But how bad were last quarter's sales? Should Apple be worried? Read more

IDC: Worldwide tablet shipments reached record levels in Q4

According to new research from IDC, Apple's iPad still leads the charge when it comes to worldwide tablet shipments. Read more

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Screenshots: Five Apps for managing disk partitions

Matthew Nawrocki shares five freeware partition editors that should serve as effective replacements for the tools that come with Windows. View on site

Five tools for achieving better CRM

Jack Wallen has found five tools to make your customer relationships more efficient and flexible. View on site

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