Friday, 25 January 2013

Lack of Surface disclosure spurs guessing game; AMD 'Richland' APU details leaked; AT&T buys Verizon Wireless spectrum

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TechRepublic Member | January 25, 2013

Microsoft's lack of Surface disclosure spurs unit guessing game

What do you do in an information void regarding Microsoft Surface unit sales? You guess. And analysts are guessing---a lot. Read more

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AMD 'Richland' APU details leaked

AT&T buys Verizon Wireless spectrum for $1.9bn

Jinx! Apple loses most valuable company crown to Exxon

Cisco's $475 Intucell buy marks another step in its long history of Israel acquisitions

Whoops: Google indexes more than 86,000 HP 'public' printers

EU seals deal with HP, Nokia, others to fill 700,000 tech jobs

HP declares legal war on makers of alternative printer cartridges

U.S. is a hotbed of botnet activity, says McAfee

Microsoft said to be testing an Outlook client for Windows RT

Google's continuing odyssey to sink passwords

Where are the Thunderbolt products?

Is it all over for social? The root causes

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