Thursday, 24 January 2013

Five iPad apps to start 2013 in the cloud

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | January 24, 2013

5 iPad apps to start 2013 in the cloud

This year is as good as any as getting started using cloud services. If you are an iPad owner that wishes to embrace the cloud these apps are a good place to start. Read more

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How to migrate your applications to the cloud

When moving to the cloud, you must weigh the benefits of an optimal hybrid solution against the complexity of the cloud enablement process. Read this valuable white paper to discover whether an automated approach is right for your business.

Posts from TechRepublic


Speculating a major revision of the iPad

Patrick Gray discusses the criticism surrounding Apple's iPad releases, which include feature bumps rather than major updates. What would a major revision of the iPad look like? Read more

DeviceHive: An open source M2M development platform

Will Kelly looks at DeviceHive, an open source M2M platform that offers the building blocks for companies to build their own M2M solutions. Read more

Alternative typing solutions for Android tablets

Phil Cohen suggests some keyboard options for typing on an Android tablet. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


New iPad and ZAGGfolio keyboard/case: Compact and fast

I recently picked up a new iPad and ZAGGfolio keyboard case that together make a super fast, compact laptop replacement for writers like me. Read more

Is Surface Pro's 10.6-inch screen too small for real work?

Can you get real work done on a 10.6-inch screen? I think you can, but there are a few caveats worth bearing in mind. Read more

iPad or iPad Mini: Which should I choose?

The iPad Mini is essentially a full-sized iPad that's been hit with a shrink ray, but that smaller screen gives it advantages and disadvantages over its bigger brother. Read more

Sharp cuts iPad screen production: report

A cut in iPad display production seems to corroborate earlier reports that demand for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices is finally waning. Read more

How to turn your tablet into a mobile workstation

Here the kit -- software and hardware -- that allows one ZDNet writer to work effectively while he's away from his desk. Read more

Apple's Q1 confirms obvious: iPad eats away at Mac sales

For all the talk about the post PC era and how Microsoft machines are losing out to tablets and Apple's iPad, there's some Mac collateral damage too. Read more

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Slide Show: Running Windows 8 on multiple monitors

Check out Windows 8’s multiple monitor features! View on site

Make BYOD easier with the help of these five apps

Jack Wallen suggests apps that will help make switching between home and office easier. View on site

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Live Webcast: Speed Analytics and Simplify Cloud with IBM PureSystems (IBM)

Windows 7 Migration: An industry view of application compatibility (Quest Software, now a part of Dell)

With Enhanced POWER7 Systems, IBM Raises the Ceiling, Again Clipper Navigator (IBM)

AccessNow HTML5 RDP Client - Browser access to Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop (Ericom Software)

GFI Case Study: Mitsubishi Polysilicon (GFI Software)

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Recouping your Big Data investment in one year

Although the horizon for your Big Data strategy may be three to five years, there's no reason why you can't recoup your investment within the first year.

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