Friday, 25 January 2013

MailDroid: A more versatile Android email client


TechRepublic Member | January 25, 2013

MailDroid: A more versatile, user-friendly Android email client

Find out what Jack Wallen thinks MailDroid is one of the best suited mail apps for business users. Read more

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Cloudera Manager - Free Edition

Cloudera Manager Free Edition will build and configure your single or multi-node CDH cluster and help you manage future changes to it. Download for free now.

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Nokia's Windows Phone royalties to exceed $1bn per year in future

After enjoying Microsoft's financial support through the transition to Windows Phone, it's time for Nokia to pay. Read more

Woes of a smartphone enthusiast: Why AT&T exclusives suck

I pay full price for most of my devices, yet AT&T still won't unlock my phone if it is an exclusive. Thankfully, Verizon is doing it right with their high-end smartphones, while Sprint and T-Mobile don't really matter when it comes to unlocked devices. Read more

BlackBerry 10: How RIM is reaching out to developers

Persuading developers to get on board is essential for the success of BlackBerry 10. Here's what RIM has done so far and a rundown of the tools developers can use to build for BlackBerry 10. Read more

A closer look at larger display options for the Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone 5 has a 4 inch display and yet remains one of the smallest smartphones by volume. Big display devices seem to be all the rage today, but is that really where Apple should take the iPhone? Rene Ritchie at iMore detailed out the options for a larger screen device. Read more

How to track a lost or stolen PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone

Losing a device—especially one that contains sensitive personal or business information—can be the source of endless headaches. Here's an open-source anti-theft tracker that can help protect your data and get your hardware back. Read more

Best car mount for your smartphone

It's not easy to mount your smartphone in your car in such a way that it's not going to end up under your brake pedal at the wrong moment. Here's a car mount that will make sure your smartphone stays where you want it to. Read more

IDC: Mobile market grew 2 percent in Q4, Samsung remains in lead

Samsung remains in the lead in the mobile market, according to IDC figures, while Apple continues to speed up and gain traction in China. But, Nokia is nowhere to be seen in the smartphone space. Read more

Lenovo may bid to acquire RIM in smartphone boost: report

PC making giant Lenovo may be mulling a bid to acquire the BlackBerry maker. But, the Canadian government would likely have to approve any sale of the company -- and especially if it's being sold to the Chinese, considering recent U.S. worries. Read more

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Five tools for achieving better CRM

Jack Wallen has found five tools to make your customer relationships more efficient and flexible. View on site

Slide Show: Running Windows 8 on multiple monitors

Check out Windows 8’s multiple monitor features! View on site

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