Tuesday, 22 January 2013

M2M and smartphones for a fitter you


TechRepublic Member | January 22, 2013

M2M and smartphones for a fitter you

Will Kelly explains why M2M is turning smartphones into the ultimate fitness accessory. Read more

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How to Develop Leadership With Tech-Based learning

Read this paper to see how technology-based learning approaches such as online courses, books, and video programs can be used effectively to develop Leadership in employees at all levels.

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BlackBerry 10: Bringing excitement back to mobile

The mobile space has been coasting along at an even keel for a while. The new BlackBerry looks to bring the excitement back. Read more

Microsoft delivers software development kit for Windows Phone 7.8

Still no word on when existing Windows Phone users will get the Windows Phone 7.8. But the developer kit for 7.8 is available now. Read more

Samsung Ventures makes 'strategic' bid with Fixmo mobile security group

Speculation is rising that Samsung is moving forward with more mobile enterprise solutions thanks to a new investment through its investment arm. Read more

BlackBerry 10 essentials: What you need to know

The launch of RIM's new BlackBerry 10 handsets and operating system is just around the corner ? here's what you need to know. Read more

Keon and Peak: First Firefox OS handsets revealed

The first developer review units to run the Firefox OS, called the Keon and the Peak, will go on sale in February according to Mozilla. Read more

LG's Optimus G lands in 50 LTE markets this month

LG is taking the Android Jelly Bean version of the Optimus G global, with Asia and Europe to get the device. Read more

Phones4U launches mobile service on EE network

Phones4U will launch its own phone service in March that will use EE's network to deliver 2G and 3G services, with 4G options scheduled to be available before the end of the year. Read more

LG to ramp up production of Google's Nexus 4

Demand for the new Nexus 4 has exceeded Google's expectations, and now LG is ramping up production to keep up with demand. But how much of this demand is down to the low price of the handset? Read more

Apple needs to get serious about Siri

It's not TVs or games consoles that we'll be seeing from Apple in 2013, but a tighter integration of its cloud services into its products. One cloud service that will see improvement is Siri. Read more

Large companies run with BYOD as workers cover costs

Large enterprises are hopping on the bring your own device bandwagon with a caveat: Employees are expected to pick up most of the costs. Read more

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Make BYOD easier with the help of these five apps

Jack Wallen suggests apps that will help make switching between home and office easier. View on site

More Tech Troopers: Recreating iconic images from the life of Bill Gates

Star Wars fan Greg Shultz shares more photos of his Tech Troopers recreating iconic images from the life of Bill Gates, including the 1984 Tandy 2000 ad and the pie-in-the-face incident. View on site

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