Friday, 25 January 2013

Deploying Windows Server 2012, making the Internet of Things pay off, 10 hottest dev skills

10 Things

TechRepublic Member | January 25, 2013

The first 10 steps you should take when deploying Windows Server 2012

This illustrated walk-through explains the first 10 things you should do when rolling out Windows Server 2012. Read more

Resource of the day

Cloudera Manager - Free Edition

Cloudera Manager Free Edition will build and configure your single or multi-node CDH cluster and help you manage future changes to it. Download for free now.

10 ways to make the Internet of Things pay off

There's been a lot of talk lately about the Internet of Things, but what practical benefits does it offer your business? Here are some technologies worth a look. Read more

10 skills for developers to focus on in 2013

Development trends that began to emerge in 2012 are picking up steam. Here's a look at the must-know technologies for the year ahead. Read more

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Five tips that will increase your Word productivity

Searching for ways to increase your Word productivity may get in the way of your productivity. So here are a few tricks you don't need to go looking for. Read more

Navigating the Mac Shell

Erik Eckel explains the basics of the Mac Shell and goes over the basic commands that will help admins be more efficient. Read more

Recouping your Big Data investment in one year

Although the horizon for your Big Data strategy may be three to five years, there's no reason why you can't recoup your investment within the first year. Read more

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Make BYOD easier with the help of these five apps

Jack Wallen suggests apps that will help make switching between home and office easier. View on site

Edit audio files in Windows with these five apps

Matthew Nawrocki shares his favorite audio editors on the Windows platform. View on site

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The Smarter Railroad: An Opportunity for the Railroad Industry (IBM)

Live Webcast: DevOps and the Cloud: Achieving Agility Across the Software Delivery Lifecycle (IBM)

The Instantly Responsive Enterprise: Integrating Business Process Management and Event Processing (Oracle)

Covering Your Tracks, Protecting Your Data (Oracle)

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