Wednesday, 30 January 2013

[TechRepublic] Free network management tools for admins

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TechRepublic Member | January 30, 2013

Five network management tools for admins

Resource of the day

Cloudera Manager - Free Edition

Cloudera Manager Free Edition will build and configure your single or multi-node CDH cluster and help you manage future changes to it. Download for free now.

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Make BYOD easier with the help of these five apps

Slide Show: Running Windows 8 on multiple monitors

Slideshow: The new features of Windows 8 File Explorer

Featured multimedia


Ultra-safe IoSafe N2 (pictures)

IoSafe showed off the first disaster-proof NAS server that's powered by the Synology DSM NAS operating system. The dual-bay server can guard your data against both extreme conditions and a single hard drive failure. View on site

Work begins on bringing pioneering 1940's computer back to life

Work has started on rebuilding the EDSAC, the UK's first fully operational general-purpose computer, more than 60 years after it was first switched on. View on site

WD unveils its first solid-state hard drive (SSHD) at CES 2013 (photos)

WD showed off at CES 2013 its two first solid-state hard drive (SSDH), the WD Black and the WD Blue. These are the first hybrid drives from the storage vendor. View on site

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Live Webcast: Big Data Priorities 2013 (ZDNet)

Mobile Device Management (GFI Software)

The Four Steps to Virtual Port Channel (Global Knowledge)

Live Webcast: Speed Analytics and Simplify Cloud with IBM PureSystems (IBM)


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