Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hottest smartphones of the summer in 2012


TechRepublic Member | June 26, 2012

Top 5 hottest smartphones this summer

There are tons of smartphones available from your carrier, but I think there are 5 that stand out from the crowd this summer. Which is your favorite? Read more

Resource of the day

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-End Modular Disk Arrays

Take a look at this white paper to learn why disk storage will always have a place in your storage strategy, and how you can best take advantage of the latest in disk tech.

Posts from TechRepublic


Windows Store for Windows 8 apps overview

If Windows 8 app development may be in your future, read about Windows Store guidelines, revenue percentages, registration, and more. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III teardown reveals easy-open case, difficult-to-fix display

Getting inside the Galaxy S III is easy, but Bill Detwiler shows you why replacing the front panel or display isn't. Read more

Posts from ZDNet


Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7.8: last big update for existing phones

Microsoft is showing off the new home screen in Windows Phone 7.8, the last major version for all Windows Phones in customers' hands currently. Read more

Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX get Ice Cream Sandwich today on Verizon

Verizon is rolling out an update starting today to bring the Droid RAZR family of phones up to the latest version of Android. Read more

RIM to forego the keyboard with BlackBerry 10

RIM is dropping the keyboard from BlackBerry 10, at least at first. Read more

Urban living: Two tips for better broadband connectivity

A recent move impacted both my home broadband and my mobile connectivity. I was able to solve my problems in just a few minutes with these fixes. Read more

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Five free tools for managing your wireless network

Monitor and analyze Wi-Fi networks, improve performance, and identify problems with the help of these free tools. View on site

Windows Desktop wallpaper for Independence Day

In a previous Microsoft Windows Blog post Greg Shultz showed you how to add Independence Day wallpaper. We take it a step further with a Photo Gallery of patriotic images. View on site

Lego Turing Machine: The building blocks of computing in play

The Turing Machine, devised at the dawn of the information age, is a theoretical device that models how computation takes place. To mark the centenary of the birth of its creator, British mathematician Alan Turing, European researchers have recreated the machine in Lego. View on site

Today's recommended downloads

Analytics and the Smarter Planet (IBM)

Live Webcast: The State of Unified Communications in a Mobile, BYOD World (TechRepublic)

Nemertes Research PilotHouse Awards: Servers for Virtualization (Hewlett-Packard (HP) & Intel)

Social Media Analytics: Making Customer Insights Actionable (IBM)

RCC Transforms Their IT with NetApp Midsize Business Solutions (NetApp)


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Ultrabooks? Too expensive for us, say CIOs

Hefty price tag puts corporate Ultrabook deployments on hold, according to the TechRepublic CIO Jury.

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