Friday, 22 June 2012

Embarrassing newbie mistakes, getting the max from your help desk, bending Word to your will

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TechRepublic Member | June 22, 2012

10 newbie mistakes you can easily avoid in the field

New IT pros -- and even industry veterans -- sometimes make costly, embarrassing mistakes. Here are a few common missteps that are easy to avoid. Read more

Resource of the day

Remote support for PCs, Macs and Smartphones

You need the ability to support users on today's most popular platforms -- including iPhones and iPads. LogMeIn Rescue can help. Test drive LogMeIn Rescue for free and start providing complete on-demand remote support to customers and colleagues.

10 ways to maximize your help desk investment

The help desk has become a key player in delivering business benefits, including high service levels for users and customers, improved applications, and better products. Read more

10 Word defaults you can customize to work the way YOU want

Change a few key default settings in Word and you won't have to make the same tweaks over and over. Read more

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Does your resume say what the hiring manager wants to know?

Be very careful when crafting your resume that its most important parts won't be lost to a different interpretation. Read more

Five online behaviors that are overused and misapplied

Donovan Colbert talks about five online behaviors that are overused and misapplied, like claiming a person is a troll. Read more

Five ways to spot an application failure before it happens

Discover the warning signs of enterprise application failure so you can spot these issues before they add up to a nightmare situation for your company. Read more

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New Datacenter Realities: IBM Enables Customers to Run More Energy-Efficient Datacenters (IBM)

Stop Losing Performance to File Fragmentation (Condusiv Technologies)

Smarter Planet Leadership Series: Air Canada (IBM)

Live Webcast: Trends in Mobility for Business (Citrix Online)

Achieving Information Superiority through the Power of Big Data featuring research by Gartner (Sourcefire)

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Linux grabs its single biggest win

The U.S. Navy and Dept. of Defense have learned valuable lessons that translate to huge contracts for the Linux OS. What does this mean for open source and the community that drives it? Jack Wallen offers his take.

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