Thursday, 28 June 2012

Windows 8 apps that add search capabilities, free wireless networking tools, handy audio note recorders

Five Apps

TechRepublic Member | June 28, 2012

Five Windows 8 apps that add search capabilities

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Live Webcast: Smarter Commerce: Redefining Business in the Age of the Customer

With vast amounts of information available to consumers at a moments notice, just selling a product is no longer an organizations endgame. Register for this webcast to find out why businesses must alter commercial strategy to be transparent and get the best online marketing possible.

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Five free wireless networking tools

Monitor, secure, and optimize your Wi-Fi network with the help of these apps. Read more

Five handy apps for recording audio notes

Audio notes offer a versatile and convenient alternative to their typed or handwritten counterparts. Here are a few apps you may want to take for a spin. Read more

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Amazon brings NoSQL to the masses with DynamoDB

Amazon's new cloud offering called DynamoDB overcomes some of the scaling limitations of SimpleDB. Learn more about the DynamoDB NoSQL system. Read more

10 things every UI designer should know about end users

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Five free alternatives to Windows Explorer

Don't like the way Windows Explorer handles file management? Ditch it in favor of one of these feature-rich replacements. View on site

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Gesture recognition: Wave if you think it's the future

At the moment the latest user interfaces are dominated by touch. But things are changing fast and technology is pointing us in new directions.

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