Monday, 25 June 2012

[TechRepublic] How to prepare for downtime

IT Consultant

TechRepublic Member | June 25, 2012

How IT consultants should prepare for downtime

Here are four key things to consider when you need to take three or more days off from your consulting work. Read more

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Apply positive agile development roadmap practices in your organization

The view of agile development as a simple methodology shift is a predictor of failure, according to Rick Freedman. Read his four tips on applying positive agile roadmap practices. Read more

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Upgrading to Mountain Lion: How to prepare

The release of Mountain Lion is right around the corner. Wil Limoges shares some tips on system requirements and backups, as well as a list of which machines will still run Mountain Lion effectively. Read more

Microsoft Surface: iPad knockoff for enterprise? That works

Cynics may mock the Microsoft Surface as an iPad knockoff, but it has enough going for it to turn the heads of a lot of business customers. Read more

Linux grabs its single biggest win

The U.S. Navy and Dept. of Defense have learned valuable lessons that translate to huge contracts for the Linux OS. What does this mean for open source and the community that drives it? Jack Wallen offers his take. Read more

Troubleshoot QuickBooks data file connectivity issues

QuickBooks data file connectivity errors can be a bear to troubleshoot. Jack Wallen suggests various troubleshooting tips. Read more

Cloud insurance for ramping up cloud adoption

Aditi Roy Ghatak reports on the new concept of "cloud insurance" that would compensate a company for any business lost due to a cloud failure. Gimmick or good idea? Read more

Google Apps v. Office 365: Content and document management

Ian Hardenburgh compares the content and document management features between Microsoft's SharePoint Online (in Office 365 plans) with analogous features in Google Apps. Read more

Five ways to spot an application failure before it happens

Discover the warning signs of enterprise application failure so you can spot these issues before they add up to a nightmare situation for your company. Read more

SMBs may not be as secure as you think

See this infographic that highlights the risks faced by small businesses from hackers as well as gives a few tips to help safeguard against attacks. Read more

10 newbie mistakes you can easily avoid in the field

New IT pros -- and even industry veterans -- sometimes make costly, embarrassing mistakes. Here are a few common missteps that are easy to avoid. Read more

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Five indispensable apps to carry on a USB stick

You can't always anticipate which tools you'll need to fix a tough problem in the field. Here are some handy ones to take with you... just in case. View on site

Five cloud-based PM solutions for all kinds of projects

You can choose from scores of cloud-based tools that offer various levels of PM functionality with no ramp-up costs or long-term commitment. Here are several good ones to consider. View on site

Hands-on with Microsoft's Surface tablet (pictures)

CNET gets a spin with Microsoft's new tablet. View on site

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When clients embrace innovation for the wrong reasons

IT consultants: Don't let your niche define you

IT consultants' four overselling mistakes

Telling clients 'I don't know' is acceptable

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Five ways social media can help you get a promotion

Managers often take a dim view of staff who use social media at work, but research suggests these networkers are the very employees who really get ahead.

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