Friday, 22 June 2012

[TechRepublic] Surface Windows tablet roundup

Tablets in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | June 22, 2012

Microsoft Surface: iPad knockoff for enterprise? That works

Cynics may mock the Microsoft Surface as an iPad knockoff, but it has enough going for it to turn the heads of a lot of business customers. Read more

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Balen Municipality and Modern Storage

Check out this white paper to learn more about modern storage platforms and how they can help you improve your network. See how one organization did just that.

Microsoft Surface: this time it's business

The latest entrant into the tablet market is ripe to solve the "enterprise tablet" conundrum. Read more

Microsoft announces Surface Windows tablets, leaves unanswered questions

Microsoft is launching its own line of Windows-based tablets called Microsoft Surface. Bill Detwiler gives you a rundown on what we know, and what we don't. Read more

Windows 8 fever? First, plan a tablet evaluation

Surveys show that Windows 8 is garnering nearly as much interest as the iPad, but Patrick Gray encourages organizations to plan a tablet evaluation that focuses on tasks, not the platform, before making any decisions. Read more

Poll: Would you buy your next tablet from Microsoft?

Microsoft is taking a bold gamble with the Surface tablets, but they didn't really have a choice. Read more

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GoodReader tools make working with files a snap

Paul Strobeck takes a close look at a few handy features of the GoodReader app. Find out why GoodReader is one of his go-to tools when working with enterprise files on the iPad. Read more

How to find those permission-grabbing add-ons in Android

Ad networks are not the only add-ons we need to worry about. Michael Kassner test-drives an app that monitors all add-ons accessing Android permissions. Read more

Poll: Do you feel ready for mobile development?

Software Engineer readers, take this poll to let us know whether you feel comfortable doing mobile development. Read more

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Five cloud-based PM solutions for all kinds of projects

You can choose from scores of cloud-based tools that offer various levels of PM functionality with no ramp-up costs or long-term commitment. Here are several good ones to consider. View on site

Hands-on with Microsoft's Surface tablet (pictures)

CNET gets a spin with Microsoft's new tablet. View on site

Five indispensable apps to carry on a USB stick

You can't always anticipate which tools you'll need to fix a tough problem in the field. Here are some handy ones to take with you... just in case. View on site

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Why tablets matter for enterprise users

Five tips for improving your tablet experience

Toshiba Thrive: The best business-grade tablet on the market

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