Wednesday, 27 June 2012

[TechRepublic] Put down that axe: Why CIOs are chopping good projects for bad reasons

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TechRepublic Member | June 27, 2012

Put down that axe: Why CIOs are chopping good projects for bad reasons

If tech chiefs make knee-jerk reactions to the tough financial climate, it could hurt their organisations in the long run. Read more

Lego Turing Machine: The building blocks of computing in play

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Delight Customers Across Every Channel - Watch Demo

Can you reduce costs and still enhance the customer experience and grow loyalty? The answer is a definitive yes! Join more than 17,000 companies who chose the Service Cloud to deliver amazing customer service in one simple platform.

London 2012: Olympic IT systems clear final hurdle

The Olympic IT infrastructure gets ready for operations - but are the rest of us ready for the disruption the games will bring? Read more

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Ultrabooks? Too expensive for us, say CIOs

Hefty price tag puts corporate Ultrabook deployments on hold, according to the TechRepublic CIO Jury. Read more

Indian outsourcing: Why skills shortages persist despite the graduate glut

The boom in India's services has spawned the growth of new engineering colleges. Yet the outsourcing industry thinks too few of their graduates are up to scratch. Read more

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Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile)

Bill Detwiler cracks opens T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S III and finds hardware from Qualcomm, Samsung, Invensense, and others. View on site

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