Thursday, 28 June 2012

[TechRepublic] Put a full-featured image editor directly into Google Drive

Google in the Enterprise

TechRepublic Member | June 28, 2012

Options for using mobile devices with Google Apps for email

Help users stay connected with this overview of how you can set up mobile devices to access email on Google Apps. Read more

An early glimpse inside Google I/O (pictures)

Resource of the day

Take advantage of Google mail search tools both powerful and simple

Google provides powerful tools to search mail with advanced text commands or via a simple search form. Read more

Put a full-featured image editor directly into Google Drive with Pixlr

There are many under advertised apps available now that Docs is Google Drive. The Pixlr Editor makes image editing a snap. Read more

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Leverage HTML and JavaScript in your Android apps by using the web view widget. William J. Francis shows you how in this tutorial. Read more

10 development technologies that refuse to die

Even as new tech drives IT forward, certain systems and languages keep the past alive. Here are 10 technologies that will be with us for a while. Read more

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Five free tools for managing your wireless network

Monitor and analyze Wi-Fi networks, improve performance, and identify problems with the help of these free tools. View on site

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9 reasons why smart businesses upgrade to Google Apps for Business

Be honest, do you really trust Google?

Four ways Google+ will end up in your workplace

Use Microsoft Office to create Google docs with Cloud Connect


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Gesture recognition: Wave if you think it's the future

At the moment the latest user interfaces are dominated by touch. But things are changing fast and technology is pointing us in new directions.

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