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[TechRepublic] All about hackathons

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TechRepublic Member | October 31, 2012

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If you thought hackathons were simply about creating new products, then think again. In this week's episode of The Upside, I talk to Craig Penfold, head of technology for Yahoo7, and Jason Cormier, Sensis API partnerships manager, who both say that hackathons are a great way at boosting morale and showcasing talent -- and even sales people are starting to get involved, too. This week, Microsoft finally got around to releasing the Windows Phone 8 SDK. In order to tempt developers to move onto the platform, the registration fee for its Dev Center has been lowered from US$100 to US$8. Unfortunately, the SDK only supports a 64-bit build of Windows 8 -- too bad for people who are happy with Windows 7. Have a great week, everyone! --Chris

The Upside: All about hackathons

On this episode of The Upside, we look at hackathons and what they can do for your team. Read more

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Microsoft lowers Windows Phone dev access fee to $8

The Windows Phone 8 SDK has finally released, and the Dev Center fee has been lowered from US$100 to US$8 Read more

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