Tuesday, 30 October 2012

U.S. cell networks 'assessing' Sandy outages


TechRepublic Member | October 30, 2012

U.S. cell networks 'assessing' Sandy outages: No fixes soon

The four major U.S. networks have issued statements on Hurricane Sandy and the ongoing recovery efforts to get the East Coast cell service running again. But don't hold your breath for anything soon. Read more

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WhiteWater West Drives Agility, Tackles Unprecedented Growth with NetApp and Microsoft

Listen to this podcast to learn how one business, WhiteWater West, was able to overcome the IT challenges that came with unprecedented growth in their company.

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Use Asana Mobile to manage tasks from your iPhone

Will Kelly shows us the basics for using Asana Mobile to access the Asana social task management application and manage tasks on your iPhone. Read more

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Learn how to apply an alpha transformation, scale a bitmap, and rotate a bitmap, all using Android's ImageView widget. Read more

What Windows 8 closed app distribution means for consultants

If you plan to develop custom Windows 8 applications for your clients, you have three choices. Chip Camden outlines those options. Read more

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Android 4.2's four best new features

There's a new version of Android, Android 4.2, coming from Google and here's its best new features. Read more

Microsoft delivers Windows Phone 8 software development kit

The long-awaited Windows Phone 8 SDK is out today.That's not all Microsoft delivered at its Build developer conference on Day 1. Read more

ARM spreads wings with phone-to-server 64-bit chips

The designer behind the chips inside most of the world's mobile phones is preparing to take on new areas and cement its dominance in old ones with two new 64-bit chip designs. Read more

First impressions of the well-designed HTC Windows Phone 8X

Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 OS is launching on a couple of HTC devices and the first one I tested is the HTC Windows Phone 8X. The design is awesome, Beats Audio rocks, and it is a very pocketable and boldly attractive device. Read more

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 guide: Are these improvements to a great OS enough?

Two years after launching Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is starting up again with a new core powering Windows Phone 8. Are there enough improvements and will there be enough marketing to bring the masses to the platform this time around? Read more

Hurricane Sandy: By the numbers on Twitter and Facebook

Social media has proven its invaluable worth as East Coasters take to Twitter and Facebook for communicating during the devastating storms. Read more

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Five virtual appliances useful for business

Choosing the right virtual appliance can solve major problems. Jack Wallen suggests five of his preferred app choices in this area. View on site

Who's making the move to Windows 8?

Interested in seeing how your organization's plans for Windows 8 compare to others? TechRepublic surveyed over 1,100 IT pros and here are the results. View on site

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