Tuesday, 30 October 2012

[TechRepublic] Everything IT needs to know about Windows 8

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TechRepublic Member | October 30, 2012

Everything IT needs to know about Windows 8

Whether you're still considering upgrading to Windows 8 or you're already in the thick of Microsoft's latest OS, TechRepublic has the resources you need. Read more

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Questions remain around the 'internet of things'

With current emphasis on the "internet of things" we have the software and hardware, yet very little around how all these devices will communicate, and who will manage, aggregate, and distribute the data. Read more

10 ways for IT to survive a merger

Consolidating staff and system platforms during a merger is a highly charged and complex undertaking -- and IT is right in the thick of it. Here's what you should know going in. Read more

Think the helpdesk is disposable? Time to think again.

Just because everyone uses a computer it doesn't mean they can fix them when they go wrong. Let's kill off the myth that we live in a new age of IT literacy. Read more

Organize low-cost video chat with these five apps

Although video conferencing has a reputation for being expensive, there are free or low cost video chat applications available. Read more

Best practices for Going Google: Preparation

This post is Part 1 of a five-part series detailing best practices for the process of Going Google. Read more

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Who's making the move to Windows 8?

Interested in seeing how your organization's plans for Windows 8 compare to others? TechRepublic surveyed over 1,100 IT pros and here are the results. View on site

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Professional skills and experience are hard won from education, training, and time in the industry. But it's amazing how many people get by despite a fundamental lack of knowledge.

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