Wednesday, 31 October 2012

[TechRepublic] Buying and using a wildcard SSL certificate

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TechRepublic Member | October 31, 2012

Buying and using a wildcard SSL certificate

How do you request a wildcard certificate? And once you've got it, how do you install it on multiple servers? Mark Pimperton describes what he learned while going through this process. Read more

Resource of the day

RCC Transforms Their IT with NetApp Midsize Business Solutions

Check out this podcast to hear how The Regional Cancer Center was able to improve their IT with the help of NetApp.

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Windows Server 2012 Essentials offers SMBs cloud support

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Repair multiple Internet Explorer issues with one application

The free Anvi Browser Repair Tool can repair a multitude of Internet Explorer problems. Find out why this is one of Jack Wallen's go-to tools. Read more

How to set up an HP Cloud account

Nick Hardiman introduces the new HP Cloud Service and shows you how to get started by opening an account. Read more

Best practices for Going Google: Preparation

This post is Part 1 of a five-part series detailing best practices for the process of Going Google. Read more

Everything IT needs to know about Windows 8

Whether you're still considering upgrading to Windows 8 or you're already in the thick of Microsoft's latest OS, TechRepublic has the resources you need. Read more

Ubuntu 12.10 can help you avoid the pain of Windows 8 (regardless of the retraction)

Ubuntu's powerful and new slogan, "Avoid the pain of Windows 8," was retracted for a generic, watered-down tagline. Jack Wallen thinks it was a mistake to retract it. Here's why. Read more

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The first five business apps you should install on a Windows 8 device

Debra Littlejohn Shinder lists the five apps businesses users should install on a new Windows 8 device. View on site

Five virtual appliances useful for business

Choosing the right virtual appliance can solve major problems. Jack Wallen suggests five of his preferred app choices in this area. View on site

Five low-cost video chat apps

Although video conferencing has a reputation for being expensive, there are free or low cost video chat applications available. View on site

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