Tuesday, 30 October 2012

[TechRepublic] How Windows 8 will be painful for developers

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TechRepublic Member | October 30, 2012

10 reasons Windows 8 will be painful for developers

If you plan to develop Windows 8 native apps, be prepared for some hurdles. Justin James looks at some of the biggest problems you're likely to face. Read more

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What Windows 8 closed app distribution means for consultants

If you plan to develop custom Windows 8 applications for your clients, you have three choices. Chip Camden outlines those options. Read more

Develop applications that empower users

Kathy Sierra's recent presentation on user empowerment reminds Justin James that developers need to consider how an application will make their users better. Read more

Poll: Does office environment matter to developers?

Tell us whether you think the office environment is of importance to a development team by taking our one-question poll. Read more

Dice lists IT job postings that are showing a surge

The latest report from Dice shows, among other things, that job postings for software developers and open source pros are experiencing a surge. Read more

Apple allows app developers to resume tracking with iOS 6

Apple was burnt once by allowing app developers to track users via the UDID. Will they get burnt again by allowing app developers to track using Apple's brand-new IDFA? Read more

Android gives developers direct I/O to the SD card

Follow this tutorial on how to access the SD card on an Android device, and perform simple read and write operations. Read more

CSS3 filter effects: Grayscale, invert, sepia, and more

Ryan Boudreaux demonstrates some applications of various CSS3 filter effects, including grayscale, sepia, saturation, and combined effects. Read more

Understanding Android app permissions

Android's permission mechanism enforces that each app can only perform actions that it declared it could do. Learn how to add permissions to your app's manifest. Read more

Moore's law: About to fail or ticking along nicely?

For over 50 years, progress has been powered by the exponential growth of integrated circuits and the industries they power. Will that trend continue or reach an abrupt end? Read more

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The first five business apps you should install on a Windows 8 device

Debra Littlejohn Shinder lists the five apps businesses users should install on a new Windows 8 device. View on site

Best costumes from New York Comic Con 2012

The New York Comic Con was held on Oct. 11 - 14, 2012. Take a look at some of the best costumes from this year's event. View on site

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