Monday, 29 October 2012

[TechRepublic] Survey touts characteristics of successful consultants

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TechRepublic Member | October 29, 2012

WIC survey touts characteristics of successful consultants

Chip Camden highlights the findings from the recent Women in Consulting survey, and concludes what four things the results mean for your business. Read more

Resource of the day

Forrester Research: Blades Paper

Check out this white paper to learn more about blade servers and how they can be used in modern networks. Discover how far blades have come and where they're headed.

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Everything IT needs to know about Windows 8

Whether you're still considering upgrading to Windows 8 or you're already in the thick of Microsoft's latest OS, TechRepublic has the resources you need. Read more

Siege warfare IT project: A cautionary tale

Consultant Bob Eisenhardt shares how a client's simple request for a public Wi-Fi turned into a nine-month nightmare project. Read more

Build a task reporting window filter in Microsoft Project 2010

Andrew Makar helps a TechRepublic reader by explaining how to create a custom filter in Microsoft Project 2010 that identifies the tasks within a specific date range. Read more

Check out the HoneyNet Project's real-time attack visualization map

The HoneyNet Project has come up with this real-time attack visualization map that tracks attacks against honeypots set up throughout the world. Read more

Better organize your on-the-go life with BeNote

Jack Wallen takes a look at BeNote, an Android application that does a great job of simplifying the process of creating complex notes. Read more

The implications of LightWorks coming to Linux

The LightWorks video editor is coming to Linux. How was this made possible and what are the far-reaching implications for the flagship open source platform? Jack Wallen ruminates. Read more

Tech skills: Is it getting harder to keep up?

Professional skills and experience are hard won from education, training and time in the industry. But it's amazing how many people get by despite a fundamental lack of knowledge. Read more

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The first five business apps you should install on a Windows 8 device

Debra Littlejohn Shinder lists the five apps businesses users should install on a new Windows 8 device. View on site

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NetApp Unified Scale-Out/Clustered Storage (NetApp)

What Is Your Big Data Strategy? Tell us and you could win $500. (ZDNet)

Streamline Your Infrastructure, Save Money, Enjoy Greater Performance (NetApp)

Best Practices for a BI and Analytics Strategy (SAP)

Top 10 Mistakes in Data Center Operations: Operating Efficient and Effective Data Centers (APC by Schneider Electric)

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Good consulting requires good communication

Communicating effectively with remote IT consulting clients

An independent IT consultant's code of ethics

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